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No doubt, the fisrt part of this write-up dwells on the historical view while this second part will dwell on the Sublimate Reactions and the concluding part shall touch the Constitutional postion of this Security Network.

Generally, The function of the Executive arms of Government is to enforce provisions of the Constitution which the South West Governors are trying to do. Particularly, the provision of FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVES AND DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY. Accurately, Section 14 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as altered provides thus ” (2b)…the security and welfare of the people shall be the purpose of government”.The provision above is clear and friendly if related to the Motives of the Innovators of the Security Network.However, Marrying the reaction of the Attorney General of the Federation to the aforementioned paras would print another image of story as the custodian of Justice and adviser to the Federal Government who has disclaimed being consulted before the launching of the security Network and that the function of “Defence” is for the federal Government and to that effect termed it Unconstitutional.

The function of “Defence”, without argument is accurately for the Federal Government but where is the federal Government when HISBAH was created in the North? Was the Law not in place as at then? Or the Law was sleeping and just regain her consciousness? If yes, it’ll be good if the Law could go back to review what had happened while sleeping before judging what she has woke upon.Relatively, the Innovators of this Security Network (ÀMOTÉKUN) did well but reality needs to be net out from emotion, instead of clamouring or countering the words used by the Attorney General of the Federation in his letter while not through his claim of not being consulted? If truly, the Innovators want to justify the Holliness of their Motives in creating the Security Network why not consider the hierarchy of power in their consultations?.

The Police Force, though one of the acting bodies of the Federal Government, why not consult the person that constitute the Body?. The Innovators should have realized that they are acting independently without posing threat to the Federal Government in their exercise of power.What then is the Constitutional laid down procedure?To be Continued…

Saheed Afeez Ayinde



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