(Ságe 1)

Events have always been the skeletal structure of history which the following generations would inevitably hold on to, to determine the roles in which their written great parents had played in constructing the side of history they are holding on.

As usual, they will always have headlines to read after on every news paper or channels, no doubt. Amongst the recent headlines or simply uproar has been the Àmotétun Såga.

This såga, if not the Gold medal winner amongst the headlines with many elites and non elites comments off records and non recorded notions.

Indulgence demands that this is a country with historical marks that evidenced the non coincidental of every habitants in this geo-political boundaries named Nigeria.

Saliently, the creation of Western Nigeria Security Network otherwise known as Àmótéukun is relevant and similar to the event of the Civil Strife of Ekiti Parapo or Kiriji war that lasted between (1877 -1893) lasting 16 years though with the exclusion of some states and Reshaping of fighting Insurgency and not ethnic against ethnic as it was in the civil strife.

Beautiful to say that such is a commendable innovation and history will forever remember whatever we fashion out for the safety of your fellow brothers.

In the same line, the operation Àmotétun has been said to have been created to complement the work of the Police Force and not a backdoor process to create another Police Force while even ensuring due process in doing which may not though be sufficient as it has created diverse opinions containing Positive and negative comments from even the Citizens that would enjoy the protection of this Network Security.

To be continued…

Saheed Afeez Ayinde



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