Political Shenanigans

By Deemlawful;

The incessant mishandles on the integrity of our dear country by this our modern politicians has become so grave that same has alarmed the unbiased interference of the Court of Law.

wherein the Learned justice in thi case had cautioned the parties to this suit. As observed by Per DAUDA BAGE JSC;

The era of political parties presenting candidatesholding public offices at Local, State and Nationallevels with forged certificates which still persists inthe polity needs to be addressed urgently by relevantlaw enforcement agencies and other stakeholders(and we add-including Courts) in this nascentdemocracy (Emphasis ours).

“This Court must take the lead, in righting the wrongsin our society, if and when the opportunity presentsitself as in this appeal. Allowing criminality andcertificate forgery to continue to percolate into thestreams, waters and oceans of our national politywould only mean our waters are and will remaindangerously contaminated. The purification efforts must start now, and be sustained as we seek, as anation, to now change from our old culture of reckless impunity.

Saheed Afeez Ayinde


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