A Breeze from the past

Episode 2

By Literatus 🌹

Abdul Hafeez was her very good friend on campus . They have been very good friends since their first year and people had even thought they will be married before graduation but it wasn’t like everyone thought.
“Stop looking at me as if you don’t Know him. He is the same Hafeez that you know. He come over to say hi. “ Fatimah said to her friend who nodded repeatedly trying to take in what she had just heard.

While in school, AbdulHafeez was one of the most popular and intelligent student in the department and almost everyone want to move closer to him but he likes Fatimah a lot and he did not hide it. Everyone always wondered why only her. Faridah couldn’t help but wondered why herself.

“Fatimah, I am your friend isn’t it?” Faridah asked and sat down beside her on her mattress while Fatimah looked on.
“What exactly is your relationship with Abdul Hafeez? “ Farida asked
“You know he is my friend .” Fatimah said and Faridah sighed .
“Friends, you know all these type of relationship with a male is not allowed in Islam. “ Faridah pointed out.
“Hmm, wait Miss, He is not my Boyfriend, he is only a friend and nothing more. I feel quite comfortable with him, that is all. “ Fatimah explained truthfully.
“That is even the best reason for you guys to stop this Haram relationship with each other. “ Faridah pointed out while Fatimah grinned.
“Alright, what if he want to marry me? “ Fatimah suddenly asked Faridah.
“Then please do it quick. Define your relationship with him. It is Haram being friends with a male that isn’t your mahram.” Faridah advised and Fatimah nodded repeatedly.

It is obvious she understood what Fatimah was talking about. She was confused about it as well. She had thought Abdul Hafeez will propose to her and thus she waited and even turn down many marriage proposals, while secretly waiting for him, but he had not yet show any interest in getting married.

Fatimah smiled as she opened the door to their room for AbdulHafeez to come into her room. It was his third day in the town and he will travelling back to his state of primary assignment the next morning .
“Where is your room mate Farida?” Abdul Hafeez asked as he sat down on the chair while Fatimah sat on the mattress, it was really small room self contained and he wondered why she has a roommate.
“ I don’t know where she is but I am very sure, she will be back soon. I didn’t tell her you will be coming here anyway. “ Fatimah said while he nodded. She couldn’t tell him how Faridah detest their relationship.

“So, you were telling me something about Msc. “ Fatimah said and he told her the main reason of coming to visit her in the first place .
“Yes, I want to travel to Ukraine for my Post graduate degree. “ he announced and she swallowed hard. Why hadn’t she think about the possibility. His parents are lecturers and Abdul Hafeez is their last child, his three elder brothers had PhD.
“why aren’t you saying anything? “ he asked her when he noticed she was quiet. Fatimah forced out a smile.
“Are you not happy for me? “ he asked.
“ I am indeed happy for you. So happy. “ she said and smiled.
“ the school start in September. “he told her.
“Why are you just telling me now? “ she asked almost crying and he told her how he had tried to think on how she will take it.
“ May Allah bless you. “ she said and he replied Amin.

Faridah burst into the room and stopped when she saw Abdul Hafeez , she looked at Fatimah with the corner of her eye and smiled at the guest. She greeted them and sat down beside her roommate. Fatimah gave her a look to excuse them but Faridah looked away, she isn’t ready to leave the room for them.
After some chattering, he bade them farewell and left. Fatimah entered the room with a frown and saw Faridah lying down on the mattress.
“Faridah, why did you not give us some privacy when he was here. He is leaving tomorrow. “ Fatimah asked calmly .
“You will thank me later. So have you guys sort it out? Is he going to meet your parents soon? “ Faridah asked , she know Fatimah likes him a lot .
“ He is travelling abroad for his post graduate.” Fatimah announced.
“That is a great news. What about the marriage? “Faridah asked while Fatimah hissed.
“is that how they get married in your village? “Fatimah asked with annoyance.
“That means you both had wasted your years of being together. Do you now understand the psychological reasons behind having such useless relationship with an opposite sex? “ Faridah asked half teasingly while Fatimah hissed.
As annoying as Faridah sounds, Fatimah realized she was right anyway and wished she could turn the back the hands of time. But what If Abdul Hafeez still have plans for her? “ she asked herself and she closed her eyes deep in thought.
Do Abdul Hafeez really have Fatimah in mind
to be continued shortly….


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