A Breeze from the past
Episode 1

By Literatus🌹

Fatimah hissed as her friend continue to hit the table to disturb her sleep, that was the first time she wished she had the room to herself . She stood up from the bed and faced her friend Fatimah who didn’t even look at her to know how angry her friend is but was hitting a ruler on the table.

“Faridah, why are you doing this when you know I am sleeping? “ Fatimah asked while Faridah stopped and smiled before she turn to her friend, now she get what she wanted.
“Now that you are awake, can we prepare Lunch? “ Faridah asked. She hate it when her friend sleep all through the weekend. It was their second week as a room mate and she didn’t enjoy it a bit. Fatimah sleeps a lot during the day. Even though they attended the same school and were even course mates but they are not friends. They became friends when they met again at the NYSC camp when they realised none of their friends were posted with them. As if that was not enough, their PPA was the same, a science college and Now they are room mates.

“is that why you woke me up? “ Fatimah asked in anger while Faridah nodded. She is tired of doing house chores alone.
“ I am only helping you girl, you know you are getting married immediately after NYSC and I don’t want your husband to be disappointed in you when he realized his new wedded wife is very lazy. “ Fatimah said to her friend who hissed.
“Thanks, I don’t need your assistance. “ Faridah said, stood up and dragged Fatimah with her to the kitchen adjoined to the room.
Faridah smiled, she need no one to remind her that she is getting married. It was though an arranged marriage.

Her husband to be Mukhtar is a son to a cousin of one of her mother’s friends who had been in Malaysia for a while studying Medicine. Mukhtar Now a practicing doctor will be home soon and his parents want him to get married immediately, and that was how the proposal was brought to her parents. She was against it first but her impression changed the first day he spoke to her and they have been communicating everyday after that and she prayed daily for him to be that nice in reality. He will be back to the country a week to their wedding and she really can’t wait.
“Now she is day dreaming again.” Fatimah said and hit her room mate who smiled shyly as they start preparing lunch.

“What if Mukhtar is not the best for you? “ Fatimah suddenly asked and Faridah heart missed a bit.
“Our relationship won’t have been possible because the first time my parents told me about him, I performed instikharah on it and I know Allah accepted the prayer . So whatever I experienced with him has been ordained by Allah. “ Faridah said and swallowed hard. What if he is different from what she have in mind?

All she know is that her parent are nice people and are very religious, what if he is entirely different from them? She asked herself and remembered her prayers. Allah is capable of doing all things. She consoled herself.

After cooking, they had their lunch, Fatimah Went out to see a friend while Farida relaxed in the room.
Fatimah arrived very late, Farida had just concluded her Ishai when she entered the room.
“what keep you so long? Where were you in the first place ?” Farida asked her room mate.
“Don’t worry, I had performed my Salat. “ Fatimah replied and lies down on the mattress, but that was not what Farida expected it wanted to hear .
“That’s not an answer to my question. “ Faridah said while Fatimah hissed,
“What is wrong with you? Why do you want to know everything about me? “ Fatimah asked sharply while Faridah smiled, she is getting use to Fatimah’S mood swings.
“I deserve to know because I am the closest person you have with you In this state. You are my room mate, a friend and you are my sister whether you like it or not, so you are stuck here with me.” Faridah said.
“Okay, if you must know, I went to see my friend, “ Fatimah announced while Farida opened her eyes wide.
“Who is that? “ Faridah asked
“Abdul Hafeez. “ Fatimah said while Faridah opened her eyes wide wondering who that was.
“He is someone you know. “ Fatimah said smiling.
Who is Abdul Hafeez ?

To be continue…


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