A Breeze from the past

Episode 3


A few months later,“Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh, “ Fatimah said as she entered her friend’s new home. It’s been only five weeks since she got married and Faridah marvelled at how much she had changed. But had grown so fond each other and for the first time, Fatimah appreciate someone aside Abdul Hafeez .“Walaykumsalam waramotullah wabarakatuh. “ Faridah replied and she looked so happy to see her. They haven’t seen each other since her Nikkah but they do talk on phone.“Ma sha Allah, you look very pretty.

I must say, Marriage is nice .” Fatimah teased her friend who smiled and asked her what she want to be offered.“ I don’t mind a proper food. I hope your husband isn’t home? “ Fatimah asked , she know she won’t be comfortable with him around.“No, he isn’t , he is at the hospital.” Faridah said and Fatimah nodded repeatedly wondering how Faridah is coping being a doctor’s wife.“How are you coping, being a doctor’s wife. “ She couldn’t help asking.“ It is with Allah’s mercy. And it isn’t like he go to work every day, there are times he is at home as well. Besides, I know about his job and I know what I was going into before marriage. “ Faridah explained.“hummmm, “ Fatimah sighed, she know getting married to a man with such profession is off her table.

As much as she want to get married, she still have choice.“Now, let me get you something to eat. “ Faridah said and went into the kitchen, Fatimah joined a few minutes later.“Your kitchen look lovely. Everything seem perfect for you. “ Fatimah admired and Faridah smiled.“Alihamdulilah, Nothing is perfect my dear, but with Allah’s mercy, we can cope. “ Faridah said and Fatimah nodded.“Now tell me, any proposal yet? “ Faridah asked while Fatimah shook her head.

She still trying hard to put Abdul Hafeez behind her. He hadn’t find time to send her messages since his departure 10 weeks ago.“And there is someone, I don’t know if you will like it. “ Faridah started while Fatimah looked at her.“Who is that? “ Fatimah asked with little interest.“His name is Ahmad and he is a friend to my husband. He is searching for a wife. “ Faridah pointed out while Fatimah hissed.“Tell me you are joking. “ She said and Faridah shook her head as pour some rice into the pot which was already on the fire.She told her friend how her husband had told her about Ahmad’s dilemma and how he will like Fatimah to get married to him if possible.“It is your choice. Ahmad is a really nice man and a very good Muslim. He is someone who can help you improve your iman. “ Faridah explained.“Hummm, you sha want me to get involved in this your blind marriage or is it an arranged marriage? “ Fatimah said with disinterest.“Come on, it is not like you won’t see each other before marriage. You have the right to see him and agree to the proposal if you like him. “ Faridah said trying to make it as simple as possible to her.“Please Fatimah, don’t take it wrong, I am not saying you are too old to be single or you look desperate, I just want the best for you. “ Faridah said.“Okay, “ Fatimah finally agree to see Ahmad after much consideration.Faridah and her husband came up with a plan. Both were invited into their house one weekend so as to finally meet each other.Will Fatimah really accept this Ahmad?


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