A Breeze from the past

Episode 4


Ahmad is quiet different From what Fatimah had expected. She had thought he was handicapped, stupid or ugly (and that was why they were looking for a woman for him) but non of these were true.

Ahmad is a good looking and Fatimah like what she saw at first sight. He is a lecturer with a PhD and in his early thirties and a very sound Muslim, he answered all her questions truthfully .“How soon do you wish to get married? “ He asked her.“As soon as Allah will. “ Fatimah said truthfully. And she told him she will let him know her answers very soon as she had to think and pray over it first.

“She is very scared of relationship, so you will have to be very patient with her. “ Faridah told him a day before.“May Allah guide us right. “ Ahmad said to her before they were joined by their host.“so what now? “ Faridah asked Fatimah In the kitchen as they wash the dishes.“Give me some time. “ She said to her friend who nodded, she know when to stop pestering Fatimah.“Ma sha Allah Fatimah, so the Nikkah is in four weeks, I am so excited. “ Faridah said during a phone conversation to her friend.“You aren’t the one getting married, are you? “ Fatimah teased Farida and wondered why Faridah is more excited than she really is.

“My friend is finally getting married and not just to anyone but to one of the best man any woman can have as a husband. Alihamdulilah. “ Farida said and Fatimah grinned and wondered why she isn’t that excited.All she want is for the Nikkah to come as fast as possible and be forgotten .She don’t Know who to tell her problem to. Farida is excited even more than she is and she may be judgemental in her advise to her. She is presently the only friend she has though she couldn’t think of anyone to help take away her worries.


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