A breeze from the past

Episode 5

Ahmad wondered why Fatimah went quiet all of a sudden, it is a month after their Nikkah and yet he find it very difficult to really get to her. She keep to herself most times and she seem private in all her dealings. She behave very casual to him and sometimes he wondered if she was the right person for him and he do instighifar anytime he remembered he prayed to Allah for guidance before marrying her.

sometimes she behave nicely to him and sometimes she behave so cold that he Started feeling scared anytime he is on his way home because he didn’t know what mood his wife will be in.

Ahmad listened to his friend’s advise, he just couldn’t take the attitude anymore, he need some counselling and he is ready to make his wife happy because he has always dream of a happy marriage life.

He want to be the best husband to her.“You just have to sit her down. Communication is very important in marriage. I don’t keep things away from my wife. I tell her everything and she does too. If she offend me, we try to sort it out before the next day. That way grudges reduce. Create time for her, take her out, be Creative, ins sha Allah very soon, she will be herself around you. “ Mukhtar said. Ahmad thanked him and promise to put everything into practice .

Fatimah was preparing dinner in the kitchen when her hubby hugged her from the back.“when do you return from work?” she asked and he replied he come back home not quite long. The door to the entrance of the apartment wasn’t locked and so he let himself in. That was when he heard movement in the kitchen.“Subuanallah!!! I forgot to lock the door from the inside when I come back from work. “ Fatimah said and turned to look at her husband who was still standing behind her.“you should try and always lock the door, we don’t know who might come in at anytime. “ Ahmad said to his wife with smiles and she nodded.

Work was very hectic that day and she had to stop over at the market to get some foodstuffs for the house.Ahmad do get things from the market but this month was a busy one for him at work being the HOD of his department and at a time of final exams as that.“So sorry, you looked stressed? “ he asked and she smiled.“the food is almost done. If you will give me a breathing space, I will finish up in thirty minutes. “ Fatimah said to him.“ That is still long, he said with disappointment , he excused himself from the kitchen to change his clothes and return to his wife to help with dinner.“you are going to spoil me. “ Fatimah said as he start helping with the dishes.Fatimah smiled, she just couldn’t wish for a better husband. All she wish for is for Allah to answer her prayer very Soon.What is Fatimah ‘S prayer?


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