A breeze from the past

Episode 7


After a heavy rainfall, Fatimah went to perform her Salah, it was almost nine in the evening and her husband isn’t back from work which was very unusual. She wondered what the problem is. She prayed everything is fine with him. She has prepared dinner and keep the food In the warmer to keep the food warm.He arrived two hours later , she was already dozing when he arrive. He look very sad But she thought it was as a result of stress and help him with his bag and his drenched clothes, that was when he realized it has been raining. It started while she was sleeping .“Why did you come so late? It is past midnight? “ she asked and he apologized that he had been busy in school. She believed him and she went to get him his food.“I am not hungry please. “ he said to fatimah ‘S surprise, Ahmad had never turn down her food since their three years of marriage.

Then suddenly she remembered her colleague word.“When a man want to start misbehaving, they start with rejection of dinner. “ she told her a few weeks ago after she left her husband. Ever since, she can’t so without not creating a fear in her heart about marriage.“one day, your husband will tell you, he already married another wife and even have a kid. Men can never be sincere in their dealings. Just watch out. “ she warned her two days ago.

“Why are you not eating? Did you eat out? “ she asked him and he shook his head as he went into their bedroom closely followed by Fatimah.“what is the matter my husband? Tell me, did I do something wrong? “ she asked looking sad .Ahmad shook his head once again and went into the bathroom for his bath. He entered the room and realized fatimah was in there waiting for him.“please Fatimah, for Allah sake, let me be. “ he said to her and left the bedroom for her.

He slept in the second room and before Fatimah can finish preparing breakfast, he was already ready for work.“What about breakfast? “ she asked him and he shook his head.“I lost my appetite. “ he said and turned to leave the house.“But you went to bed on an empty stomach the Day before? “ she pointed out.“Yes, but I lost my appetite. “ He said and left the house leaving his eye wondering what had happened to her husband.

She got to work that day looming very worried. Her colleague Jemila was the first to notice and she went straight to her to ask what the problem was.“Nothing. “ Fatimah said, her marital life isn’t for the public and even Jemila will be the last person to share it with .“It is written all over your face? Has your husband gotten another wife? “ Jemila asked and Fatimah hissed.“What if he did? Please Jemila, leave me alone this morning. “ Fatimah said irritated and left the office for Jemila who keep wondering why the ever cheerful Fatimah look so worried, she promised herself to find out.

Whatis wrong with Ahmad. Find out more bout Ahmad’s change of attitude in the next episode.


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