A Breeze from the past

Episode 6


Tears ran down her eyes as she listened to her mother in law rant. She had come to pay them a visit and she had only been in the house for a Couple of hours and she hadn’t make it easy for her. She know her visit this time is no joke.“I need a grandchild and if you are not ready to give me one, let another person do that for him. He is the only son.” The old woman said while Fatimah looked down praying hard for Ahmad to return from work.

He came back two hours later and met his mother in the middle of her insults with his wife.“Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh. “ he greeted, his mother and his wife replied. Fatimah eaved a sigh of relief and helped him with his bag inside. At least she got an excuse to leave the living room.

After crying her heart out in the bedroom, she sneaked into the kitchen to prepare dinner. She realized her husband had gone with his mother into the room. She eaved a sigh of relief.“Alihamdulilah. “ she said under her breath. She didn’t see her mother in law till when they were at the table for dinner. She disappeared into the room immediately.“Ummi, you know how much I love you.” Ahmad said to his mother after dinner while his mother hissed.“Fatimah is my wife, if she offend you in anyway, you should have wait for me to come back and report her to me. It doesn’t worth you disturbing yourself. “ Ahmad said, he couldn’t think of a better way to talk to his mother.

“Ahmad, it is been three years that you two got married and yet there is no joy of marriage. There is no child. You need to do something about it. “ his mother said to her.“It is only three years and we are trying. The doctors said we are both fine. Nothing is wrong. When the time is right Allah will surely answer our prayers. “ Ahmad said to her.“Ahmad, you married late remember, all your sisters are already married and have kids. Yet you see nothing bad in you not having one. Ahmad, get yourself another wife. That is final. “ His mother said. Ahmad signed.“We will talk tomorrow ins sha Allah. “ He said. His mother stared hard at him for a while before she nodded and he left the room for his room.

His wife was in the room crying ,“Subuanallah !” he said and moved toward his wife who was not even aware of his presence in the room.“What is the problem Fatimah? “ he asked her and held her close to his chest.“ I don’t Know why your mum hates me so much. “ Fatimah said with tears.“come on, you know that is not true, she is just being a mom. We will walk through this together ins sha Allah. You know it is not your fault. “ Ahmad said consoling his wife. She has really being a good wife to him and he know he couldn’t even think of getting married to another woman. His iman isn’t strong enough for having two women in the house. He fear that he may not be just. ““don’t worry, Allah Is in control. “ He said to her.“Do you remember those words I said to you on our wedding night?” he asked her and she smiles.“Now that is what I want. Your smiles always. It makes you like a queen, my queen. “ he said to her and she smiled the more.

“How about medical check ups? Have you been visiting the doctors? What about tests? “ Farida asked her friend who told her how they had both seen series of doctors and were told to be patient.“Then there is nothing to worry about my dear. Just be calm and be prayerful .” Faridah suggested and Fatimah nodded, what else can she do but to pray.


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