A breeze from the past

Episode 8


Fatimah hesitated before she opened the door to the doctor’s office. Her husband called her on phone that morning to stop by to get her medical tests result as he had gone there to get his which was very unusual .

They do visit the hospital together for regular medical check up but she is often the one usually up for the check up while her husband do accompany her. The doctor suggested Ahmad should be checked again a few weeks before along with her and he agreed without hesitation. What she didn’t understand was why her husband will suddenly decided to come to the hospital alone for his own test result.

She wondered if her problem is being repair and probably he had decided to think of a way forward. At least if she couldn’t give him a child, there are several women who can . She hissed under her breath as she wait for the doctor to finish up what he was doing before he smiled up at her.

“Mrs Fatimah. How are you doing today? “ He asked smiling. He is a man in his fifties and had been Ahmad’S family doctor for years.“I am very well sir. I come for my test results.” She said to him and the Man nodded then he brought out a envelope to her.“You are perfectly fine, my dear, you have no problem. “ he told her with smiles and she forced out a smile. Then wondered why her husband refused to get hers with his.

“Why is Ahmad doing this to me. “ she said to herself as she drove into the compound of their apartment. She saw her husband’s car parked Infront of the apartment .She wondered why he come home so early that day after his several days of coming home late.He was in the kitchen preparing dinner when she entered and that was when she glanced at the wall clock, it was past Margrib.“Subuanallah! She said to herself and went to the kitchen.“Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh, I am so sorry, I stopped by at the hospital, I don’t know it was this late. “ Fatimah apologised. Ahmad nodded without any sign of anger.“Go and perform your Salah and get yourself a nice bath, you looked so stressed out. “ He said to her and she nodded. She hesitated before she finally left for the room.

After Margrib prayer, Ahmad finished up the Dinner before he left for the masjid for his Ishai prayer.Fatimah decided she had to talk to her husband. They had been best of friends for three years even though their marriage had a rocky start but she couldn’t wish for any thing else.Ahmad retired from the mosque and they quietly had dinner, after the food, Fatimah cleared the dishes while Ahmad retired into their bedroom which he had abandoned for sometime, Fatimah was surprised to see him in the bedroom.“Probably, he had change his mind. “ Fatima said, she hesitated before she moved closer to the bed. Ahmad stood up from the bed and moved her closer to himself.“Fatimah, my queen .” he said to her lovingly , that is how he do sounds to show his pride of having her as a wife.“I have offended you and I am sorry. Please forgive me. “ he said to her and sighed thinking of the best way to bring up the news to her.“Come on, my husband, I know everything must have had a reason. Maybe I said something disrespectful to you, maybe you were stressed out, I am also sorry for any inconvenience that I might have caused you.” She said to her and he smiled. If only she know how much he loves and adores her.“My queen, you are a very good wife. In fact I always give thank to Allah for giving me such a wonderful woman as you for a wife. It was indeed Allah’s Rahma.” He said to her and she smiled.“ We have been married for quite a while now and I can’t wish for a better life partner but sometimes there is a reason for everything. Fatimah, you are a very nice woman, I will like you to look for another husband to marry .” He said at last..fatimah looked up at her husband and wondered if she is dreaming but she wasn’t everything was real. How can he ask her to look for someone else.“ My husband, I know I haven’t been able to give you a child. Please if you want to marry another wife , I can’t say no, it is sunnah. Please don’t send me packing. Please. “ Fatimah said pleading with tears in her eyes. She wondered what she will do, how she will live if Ahmad divorce her.How can you do this, this is shaytan? Ausubillah Minas shaytani Rajim. “ Fatimah said crying, Ahmad was only staring at her, he didn’t know how to console her.


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