A breeze from the past

Episode 9


Faridah sighed as she laid her son on his bed and finally had time to listen to her friend who looked so sad. She must have been crying alot.“Are you sure your husband didn’t tell you anything? “ Fatimah asked for the umpteenth time.“Believe me Fatimah, I can’t lie on such things that I know will really affect your life .i know how much both of you love each other.

“Faridah said sincerely and Fatimah wondered why she couldn’t believe her friend.“Don’t worry, I will let his friend know about it as soon as he returns. “ Faridah reassured her friend. Such a lovely marriage shouldn’t crash just like that. She thought.Fatimah stayed with her friend until evening before she finally went back home.

Their fourth wedding anniversary is in five days time and she feel so sad to even think about it.Mukhtar was quiet as his wife told him about Fatimah.“it was indeed a sorry sight. I felt so sad for her but while will Ahmad take such a drastic step? I thought he loved her. “ Faridah said confused while Mukhtar sighed.“ I will talk to him tomorrow ins sha Allah. “ Mukhtar said and stood up to go in to sleep while his wife stopped in.“What is wrong with you? “ Faridah asked while Mukhtar stopped and turned to his wife who was staring hard at him.“What is the meaning of that? “ he asked not moving from where he was.“You are keeping things away from me isn’t it? “ Faridah asked and Mukhtar looked at her with feign Ignorance.“Come on, I know you very well. You are not a good liar, remember. What do you know about this whole thing? “ Faridah asked“What are you talking about? “ he asked his wife and wondered what was on her mind.“I know Ahmad is your best friend and he doesn’t keep things away from you. So tell me. , what exactly is the problem? Why is Ahmad doing this? “ Faridah asked while Mukhtar sighed and moved closer to his wife.“Faridah, I don’t know anything about this, believe me, I am confused as you are. Ahmad is my friend, we have been friends for years, we tell each other everything but this, I don’t know. “ Mukhtar said to his wife calmly and went into the bedroom while Faridah stayed in the living room trying to figure out what the problem is.

“This doesn’t warrant a divorce Ahmad. Why did you keep this from me in the first place?“ Mukhtar asked. He had gone to see his friend at work early that morning. Faridah was on his neck to talk to him and he know there won’t be peace in the household until Fatimah’S case is settle. This is what happens when friends married friends, he thought .“I don’t know how it happens, the doctor said we were both fine, but this, I believe it is the will of Allah.” Ahmad said looking worried.“But this is a minor issue. Seriously, it can be treated, didn’t the doctor inform you of the possibilities? With time, all you need is to make some necessary adjustments, I have a lot of patients with your problem who still father children. “ Mukhtar assured him“but for how long? I don’t want fatimah to face any difficulties because of me. “ Ahmad pointed out.“won’t she face any if you let her go? Tell her about it , visit the doctor and let her choose. That’s fair. “ Mukhtar said and Ahmad nodded.

Fatimah lowered herself slowly to the sofa as she tried to digest every words in the paper she was holding. She was shivering and in sweat. Now she understood why Ahmad had came up with such a ridiculous suggestions. The anger in her increased as she heard the sound of his car pulled up outside the apartment.


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