Education the father of all


I wake up this morning with a song in my throat

A youthful breeze harps the leavesI wear courage like a shield

Bright light form on a mountain of distance

Education…!The chorus echoes across the world

We have waited this long to see the moon put a smile on the crescent lip of the sky

We have waited so long sappy like a pawpaw in the rain

Sighting education, we stand at the edge of hungry Dawn Our hands, out-stretched to welcome the father of all, Education.

The fundamental foundation of every nation

The bedrock of all professions yield alot of possessions

Education is like a king the incredible being

It is a great knowledge

And never a worthless knowledge

Education leads to wisdom

Takes you from hell to kingdom

It is a ladder of life

A ship to sail you out of strive

The great knowledge you keep learning from school to college

Practice…Practice makes perfect, it’s true As it turns vice into virtue

Education is never too late It’s to know wrong and right

How to carry on into the day out of the deep black night

To know the differences between wrong and right

The two superpowers that overrule human rights

If everyday, a few steps we take, an enormous difference we will make

It is not impossible to dedicate few hours to know bit of education

It feeds us strong powers But I know

That your so-called friend, LazyMakes you feel life seems so easy

Escape that monster friend, Procastination

For fire he will set to every learning nation

Do not ignore education

Ignorance is a poison

It kills! It destroys! It murders!

scatter good things!

The pillar of which ignorance stands has fallen

Snapped like a twig in the harmattan

Let a thirst for education be your guide

Education contains every elements inside

Study well and make education no crime

Education that we discovered can echo through time

A future awaits us A future we can choose

The one that can be great if we carry education in our shoes

The footsteps we leave will be followed by our children And they too will embrace the education that we learn

Education, the father of all.


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