A breeze from the past

Episode 10


Fatimah lowered herself slowly to the sofa as she tried to digest every words in the paper she was holding. She was shivering and in sweat. Now she understood why Ahmad had came up with such a ridiculous suggestions. The anger in her increased as she heard the sound of his car pulled up outside the apartment.

Ahmad entered the house holding his bag and a shopping bag on the other but mere looking at his wife‘S face, he knows something big is up.He greeted and she replied and she didn’t even collected his bag from his hands, she just went into the kitchen to get his food ready. He swallowed hard and went into the bedroom.

He came out thirty minutes later, his food was on the table and she was waiting for him.They had their dinner in silence, they could hardly touched the food, each one of them had their own different thought. After dinner, Fatimah packed the hardly touched dinner back to the kitchen and returned to the living room. She sat down beside her husband ,then brought out his test results and showed it to him to his surprised,“Where did you come across this Fatimah? “ he asked, the result was kept safe in his drawer in which only he has the access to. He swallowed hard.“Why didn’t you tell me? “ she asked staring at him while he watched her quietly.“Is this why you want me to leave?” she asked .“Ahmad, why? “ she asked as tears ran down her eyes. She wasn’t sad that he had a problem but she was sad and disappointed he couldn’t share his pains with her. After all she is his wife and she had been so faithful and share everything with him. Why will he keep such from her. She felt his arms around her as he moved her closer to himself.“I am sorry, I was confused. I don’t want you to experience any kind of discomfort from my side. No one will believed I was the reason behind our inability not to have a child. Who will understand?” he said“it is a choice I have to make myself. Not you. “ she said and that point, she realized he need her more like before and she is ready to stay with him.“I am not leaving and besides it is not like low sperm count cannot be treated. We will visit the doctor together and undergo the treatment together, whatever it takes. “ Fatimah said to him and rested her head on his chest and he eaved a sigh of relief.


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