A breeze from the past



It was raining heavily outside , it has been raining all day and Fatimah was really enjoying her husband company, if not for the rain, he would have gone out, this is one of those days that she loves rain, at least it will let her husband stay indoor and have complete attention on her. Even though their marriage is eight years, it is still like they are newly married couple, they are still fond of each other, even though her mother in law still continue with her pestering and she had come to understand that her son is not ready to bring home another wife to give them children but she still continue her pestering and it is like Fatimah is now use to it.

Apart from their family doctor, Mukhtar no one know about the problem. The family not even Faridah. All Faridah knew was that Ahmad was frustrated because of their inability to have children.“But we are good now. “ Fatimah told her.“You cell phone is ringing madam. “ Ahmad said to her. She wondered who it was that had called her that time when she was spending time with her husband. Her head was on his laps as she received her calls.“Walaykumsalam waramotullah wabarakatuh, “ she said and slowly raised from her position while her husband continued with the newspaper in his hand.“Yes, this is Fatimah, who is this please?” she asked and glanced at her husband who wasn’t even listening to her conversation.“Abdul Hafeez ? Subuanallah! Which of them?” she asked trying to be sure.“I can’t even believe that you have forgotten all about me. How are you? I saw one of our course mates Tayo, she gave me your number. How are you doing? “ he asked.“Alihamdulilah, I am fine. “ she replied and glanced at her husband who was now watching her .“Can I have your office address? “ he asked her, Fatimah glanced at her husband who had returned to his attention back to the newspaper he was reading.“I will inbox you the details ins Sha Allah. “ she said and disconnected the call.Fatimah smiled, she still find it difficult to believe that after almost nine years! Abdul Hafeez finally had time to call her.

“And who is this your friend? “ Ahmad asked looking at her lovingly.“Do you remember my one and only school friend, Abdul Hafeez?” Fatimah asked .“Yes, oh, I remember your school boyfriend. “ Ahmad teased her“He wasn’t my boyfriend, just a friend. “ Fatimah said and hit her husband on the shoulder while he smiled.. He love the look on her face anytime he tease her.

“Ma sha Allah , you have really changed a lot. Alihamdulilah .” Abdul Hafeez said impressed seeing Fatimah after so many years.Alihamdulilah, I can’t believe you have been in the country for almost a year and yet you could not keep in touch. Why don’t you even call me while you were abroad?” Fatimah asked him and he smiled.“I am really sorry.” Was all he could say.“so how are you generally, your wife, kids? “ she asked and he told her he got married six months before, and she is two months pregnant.“Alihamdulilah, so happy you are now responsible. “ Fatimah said smiling with satisfaction .“So tell me, how many kids do you have now? “ he asked jokingly and her heart missed a beat. Abdul Hafeez noticed this and understood.“May Allah answer our prayers. “He said to her reassuringly and he stylishly changed their discussion to something else. He is really happy to see her after so many years.He had really missed her and he know her husband is really lucky to have her. He regretted losing her in the first place.He bade her farewell as he left her that day.

Is Abdul Hafeez arrival a blessing or the the opposite, breeze from the past continues.


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