A Breeze from the past

Episode 12


Summayyah watched her husband as he beamed with smiles as he typed on his phone. He had suddenly become addicted to his cell phone that he sometimes forget all about her in the house. She is now four months pregnant and she craved for her husband attention but instead he now found solace in his in his phone, the only thing that take away his phone is sleep and Salat which he performs late.

She had tried to caution him but he simply ignore her.Summayyah is the last child of her parents who were far away in United Kingdom, she met Abdul Hafeez when he was there for his PhD a few years before, he was her brother’s friend and course mates during their postgraduate study in Ukraine. Her parents simply accept him into their family and when he told them of his interest in getting married to her they gave their consent.“Are you okay with it dear? “ her father asked her and she nodded, she had secretly admired him.

They got married immediately after his PhD. He was a very good and loving husband and he try to make marriage interesting to her, even though he was eight years older than she was, he tried to come down to her level most times. He taught her how to cook and clean the house for her life in the UK was far different from where she found herself now but he was glad to help her.His sudden change now is what she found difficult to understand, he had suddenly got so addicted to his phone that he don’t even have time for her.“Probably he is busy with something.” Her mother told her and advised her to be patient.“Marriage has it own ups and down dear, just be patient, be prayerful and take good care of yourself,” her mother advised her. She tried to follow her mother’s advise but it wasn’t easy for her. She has no one to talk to, no relatives around. They don’t even have neighbors! She just found herself in a empty house with no husband attention.She hissed and took her phone and decided to log on to the social media to find if something interesting can be found at least to take her off boredom.

Fatimah smiled and sighed to herself as she finally gathered the strenght to drop her cell phone and went into the kitchen to check what was on fire.She hissed as she entered the kitchen which was filled up with smoke of the burnt rice. How could she do this again. She took the pot from the gas cooker and put the pot away and struggled to start another dinner. She was on about to place the pot of water on the gas cooker when her cell phone rang from the living room. She dropped the pot on the kitchen floor and went to answer the call.“I just remembered something, “ the voice from the other end said and she smiled.“What? My husband will soon be home and I haven’t prepared dinner. “ she said.“Oh, sorry, will call you later then. “ he said and the call got disconnected. She returned to the kitchen and start dinner praying silently to delay her husband arrival. She had hardly start the food when she heard her husband drove inside the compound.“Salamualykum, he said as he entered the apartment, Fatimah swallowed hard and went to welcome him. She helped him with his bag into the room while he stretched out.“Is my food ready? “ he asked her as she showed up in the living room and she shook her head.“Why? You brunt the food again?” he asked her, shook his head and went into his room.They had their dinner quietly at eleven in the evening.

It was obvious Ahmad is very angry because he is usually so cold and quiet and Fatimah knows she was at fault, she woke up late that morning due to the fact that she slept late as a result of late night chatting and he was the one who prepared breakfast that morning . She felt bad looking at how angry he was.He left for the bedroom after food and by the time she entered the bedroom, he was already sleeping.

Ahmad swallowed hard as he entered the apartment, the smell of burnt food filled the living room and she knows his wife had done it again.Fatimah entered the living room and smiled up at her husband but he wasn’t smiling .“I am sorry, she said,“is the food ready? “ he asked and she shook her head. She was about to start another round.He shook his head and told her not to bother with his food.“ I will eat out. “ he said, went to his room to dropped his bag, then left the apartment almost immediately. He wondered why Fatimah can be so careless with her constant food wastage.


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