A Breeze from the past

Episode 13


“don’t you think your friendship with Abdul Hafeez is not right? ” Tayo asked as Fatimah drive. Both works In the same place and their house is on the same street, thus fatimah drives her everyday to and fro.They were both course mates but aren’t friends as Fatimah wasn’t interested in being friends with anyone but over the years they have become friends even though Fatimah still find it difficult to accept her totally. But Tayo likes her and look out for her.

“Why is it not good? ” Fatimah asked sharply while Tayo sighed before she started.”You both lives different lives now. You are both married and being friends with him might create some problems with your family. ” Tayo explained.”My husband knows that Abdul Hafeez is my friend and nothing more and since he had no problem with it, I don’t care if you have. ” Fatimah said while Tayo silently wished she had not started it and promise herself never to bring up the issue again.

Afterall Fatimah is an adult and is old enough to take responsibility for her actions.”So what are you and your husband doing about kids issue? “ABDUL Hafeez asked her.”We have done alot of medical check ups, and we are both medically fit. “Fatimah said.”really? ” he asked trying to read what was on her mind but he couldn’t, he believe she still keep things away from him and know she will open up when she can. He smiled to himself and stylishly changed the topic.His wife gave birth six months ago .Summayyah cleaned off her tears as she heard her husband’s car drove into the compound. She had been crying all morning. Taking care of a baby had not been easy as she expected and her husband hardly have the time for her. He go to work early and come back home very late and when he is at home, he hardly help her, instead he is always with his phone, calling or chatting.The house chores is taking toll on her as she wasn’t use to doing things by herself back in the UK.Abdul Hafeez entered the house with a salamah and was surprised to see her red eyes and swollen lips.”What is the problem, where is Abdul Azeez? ” he asked her.”he is sleeping. ” she replied tearfully.”Then why are you crying? ” he asked her as fresh tears formed in her eyes.”I am just tired. ” she said to him and he hissed, he was about to go into the bedroom when her voice stopped him.”why did you hate me so much? ” she asked.”why did you detest me so much, you don’t even care about me any more? ” she asked him and he turned to face her.”You are lazy, dirty, spoilt and nags alot. “he said to her.”there are women like you who work, take care of their home without dropping a tear and look at you. You behave like a child. I dont even know why I married you. ” he said and left the room while Summayyah break down crying.


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