A Breeze from the past

Episode 14


“Bismillah, Ahmad said and the door opened and a young lady in her mid twenties entered with a lunch pack. Ahmad’s mouth watered as he saw this and watched her placed the food on the table.”Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh sir, she said smilimg at him and he replied not smiling .”I brought you lunch sir. ” she said”I prepared it myself sir. ” she quickly added and Ahmad shook his head with disapproval,”You won’t listen, will you? ” he asked and she smiled.”It is only a gesture and nothing more sir, trust me. ” she said to him.”I have warned you severally, and I am going to do so again for the last time. Don’t you ever come into my office uninvited, now leave. ” He said to her and she quietly leaves with smiles.

Asmau is her name. She is a very attractive young lady and one of those ladies who combine beauty with brains and she knows this . She is a final year student.Ahmad was her level adviser in her first year and she got attracted to him then, she had tried her best to get closer to him but she wasn’t successful probably because he is married. She got to know about his marital status in her second year, she was a bit disappointed but it only took her an hour to resort in trying to be his second wife. She was glad when she come to know he and his wife had no child yet and thus the hope in her got increased.After so many attempts and research about Ahmad, she come to understand that Ahmad is a very principled man, he tried not to be too personal with students no matter how much he likes them.

Asmau being so determined took to the social media, she added Every of Ahmad ‘S friends as hers especially his wife. But Fatimah wasn’t the type who post her life on social media thus she know only little about her. Asmau tries to maintain an healthy relationship with fatimah and do send her messages often.She know with time, Ahmad will get to like and appreciate her and marry her as well.

Summayyah hesiatate before she dished out food to her husband, it has been a long time that they had their dinner together and she tried as much as she can not to spoil the moment .She watched her husband eats Silently and smiled to herself. She had enrol for an online class in home management and nutrition and she is doing great.After the food, she packed the dishes into the kitchen to wash, her husband was receiving a call when she entered and he didn’t end the call until she finally slept off. She felt so bad. She know her marriage is hitting the rock and she is so sad to even think of it. She had dreamt of a happy marriage but she couldn’t even handle the marriage in two years.!!!!


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