A Breeze from the past

Episode 15


Fatimah glanced at the wall clock and realized it is past 10 in the evening, she wondered why Ahmad hadn’t arrived from work. Probably he had loads of work to do then suddenly she remembered it is their ten years anniversary!Subuanallah! How can she have forgotten? She couldn’t even wish him happy anniversary since morning. Now she know something is wrong with her. How can she forget such a day! She wondered if that was why he hadn’t yet come back from work, probably he was angry she forgot , but if he had remembered, why can’t he wish her like he usually does every year, she suddenly realized Ahmad had changed towards her, he rarely talks to her anymore, and it is been six months that they had both visit the doctor together for medical check up.”What is happening? ” she asked herself.Probably he find her no longer attractive! But she know that’s not true, every one admire her, Abdul Hafeez always praise him anytime they see for taking good care of her as she how everyday.She sighed and resort to take things easy.

Their marriage is now ten years! Probably no honeymoon anymore, if only they had kids! She said and cleaned up the tears from her eyes as the door opened and Ahmad entered. He greeted his wife who smiled up at him and replied his salamah. He sat down opened his bag and brought out a parcel for her.”Happy wedding anniversary. ” he said, gave her the parcel and went inside without even waiting for her reply .Fatimah opened the small parcel, it was a jewelry box and it was very nice. Now she know he remembered, he was probably angry because she didn’t even wish him. She went into their bedroom and met him receiving a call.

Summayyah smiled and gave her husband a kiss as she wished him a happy marriage anniversary. He opened his eyes with a frown. How can she have him up from his sleep.”what is so special about today. Those anniversaries are for unmatured. ” he pointed out.”My parents still celebrate theirs .” Summayyah told him and he hissed, now he know she has no Brains.”You irritate me sometimes. How do you even graduate from the university? I told you I don’t like something, yet you disturb me with it? Must you compare me with your parents? Am I your father? ” he asked raising his voice not minding the time.”I am sorry, please it is late, don’t wake up the neighbors. ” Summayyah cautioned him and that was what annoyed him. He moved her closer to himself and gave her a hot slap.”How dare you talk at me? ” he asked her and Summayyah shivered from the slap. The noise woke up Abdul Aziz who was sleeping peacefully in his cot. Summayyah cleaned off her tears and moved to her son to attend to him. Now she know she is in trouble.


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