A Breeze from the past

Episode 16


Fatimah smiled as she drove into Abdul Hafeez’s compound, he had plead With her to come over and meet his wife and kid.”Why are we friends if you won’t come over to meet my family? ” he asked and thus she decided to come over.The building was a storey building and had four flats in them. She parked her car and followed Abdul Hafeez description in locating his apartment. She pressed the door bell and it was opened immediately, Abdul Hafeez was at the door smiling.”Ma sha Allah, she finally made it to my house. ” Abdul Hafeez teased her and invite her into the apartment, it was richly furnished but she know he has a very good taste anyway so it wasn’t a surprise.

He excused himself and went in to call his wife.Summayyah came out into the living room smiling at her.”Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh. ” she greeted and Fatimah cheerfully replied. She liked Summayyah and suddenly she felt a gush of envy for her to have married one of the best man in the world and with a kid too.Summayyah gave her Abdul Azeez who was sleeping peacefully and Fatimah’s heart melt as she watched her sleeping.”he look so much like you. ” Fatimah said to Abdul Hafeez who smiled.”Now, fatimah, this is Summayyah, my love, my angel, my lovely wife. ” Abdul Hafeez said lovingly and Fatimah smiled dryly, her husband don’t do that anymore.”You are welcome, My husband had told me alot about you.” Summayyah said smiling and accessing Fatimah secretly from head to toe.”It is a pleasure to have finally meet you. ” Fatimah replied wishing she can have a child as well. She watched Summayyah and her husband love drama, they look so much in love and happy and she envy them.

She got back home very late that night, her husband was in his car waiting for her at the apartment entrance, that was when she remembered that he misplaced his keys the day before, she wondered how long he had been waiting, she apologised, opened the door and led him in.”Where are you coming from? ” he asked, he find it very difficult to believe that Fatimah can go out without his consent.”I told you I am going out to see a friend this morning. ” she said to him.”And didn’t I told you not to go? ” he asked her and she shook her head.”But I explained to you, she said and wondered why Ahmad was making an issue out of it.”I don’t expect this from you Ahmad, I told you it is important I go. ” Fatimah said.”so it is more important than me having a good food and my wife companionship for the weekend?” he asked.”So that is all I am good for right? To cook and keep your company, when women like me are being mothers. ” Fatimah said and that was the first time she brought up the issue about a child and it pierced Ahmad’s heart.The doctor had told him that he is okay for a few years back and yet there is no child yet.”I am tired Ahmad, I want a child. I am getting old, she said crying, Ahmad stared at her for a while before he moved to her to console her.”it ‘S alright dear. ” he said , he know very soon they will be parents but how soon as what he didn’t know.”Fatimah, why don’t you and your husband look for another alternative?

” Abdul Hafeez asked her one-day”Another alternative? Like what do you have in mind? ” she asked her.”Probably you and your husband are not meant to be. Both of you should go seperate ways. ” he pointed out why Fatimah looked at him with surprise.”Subuanallah! How can you think like that? ” Fatimah asked.”it been ten years that you are married without kids, and you are growing, it us better u marry someone else and try if your prayers can be answered. I have seen cases like this. ” Abdul Hafeez explained, fatimah was quiet for a while.Ahmad had been more like a husband to her over the years, he has been a friend, a brother, a father, and even a mother because he stood by her, leaving him will surely be very difficult. She thought and told Abdul Hafeez exactly her mind.”From your words, I guess you have just pity for your husband rather than affection, this thought of yours have tied alot of women down in worthless marriages . Leave him while you still can. “. Abdul Hafeez warned and Fatimah find it very difficult to sleep that night wondering if there is a sense in Abdul Hafeez’s words


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