A Breeze from the past

Episode 17


Summayyah shivered as her husband showed up in the kitchen, she almost dropped the plate in her hand and when she realized she felt no energy in the hands anymore she gently placed the plate on the kitchen table and looked away to avoid looking at her husband, she now fear him because his anger is uncontrollable.

“why did you sent a friend request to her? ” he asked her and she suddenly looked at him with surprise then looked away.”What are you talking about? ” she asked because she didn’t even know what he was honestly talking about .”I Just see that she accepted your Friend request now on your phone. ” he asked her.”I still don’t get you. ” Summayyah said.He moved closer to her and held her ears and she winced him pains and plead with him to leave her, it was painful. He released her a minute later and looked at her, she was crying and her ear was swollen and read.” Now, you can hear me right? Why did you send a friend request to Fatimah?” he asked and she looked at him with tears in her eyes.”I didn’t sent her a friends request, she did, I just accepted her friend request. ” she explained, Abdul Hafeez looked her for a while and left the kitchen.

Summayyah broke into tears and wept, how can she send a friend request to the one who had taken her husband away from her? The one who had wiped the joy away from her marriage, the one who her husband compared her with every day, the one who turned her husband to a monster! he doesn’t even have time for his own Son!.What made him change? Why did he hate her so much? Fatimah was not even have as pretty as she was? She was even older! She checked her profile on Facebook, she realized she is married. Why won’t she leave her own husband alone. She know she can’t confront her and she has no one to even help her out. None of her family members are even in the country.”How will I get out of this mess????? She asked herself as continued preparing the lunch.

Asmau hissed as she turned to go, she secretary deny her entrance into his office. He had probably warned the old lady not to allow her in, she thought. She was about to leave the secretary office when she called her.”Come and sit my child. ” the woman said to her.”why are you wasting your time with him, he has no interest in you? ” the woman said to her and Asmau looked away.”Ahmad is every woman’s dream, yes but there are many men like him out there, you don’t need to force a man to marry you, it won’t work. A woman can developed a feeling to man but man can’t, if he doesn’t like you then it doesn’t. Leave him alone and look for a better choice, May Allah make it easy for you. ” the woman said to her and Asmau left the office without a word.To be continued ins sha Allah


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