A Breeze from the past

Episode 18


Ahmad put aside the newspaper in his hand in anger and looked at his wife who was busy with her cell phone..”Fatimah! What is wrong with you? ” he asked, he has had enough of her non challant attitude in the house these months.

It irritates him when she pressed her phone with great attention that sometimes she forget completely about him in the house.”What is it? ” she asked and put aside her phone but not without glancing at the phone screen.”I have been talking to you for quite sometime now and you don’t even act as if you acknowledge my presence. ” Ahmad said while Fatimah grinned. She was really carried away.”I am sorry, I was carried away. ” she told him sincerely.”Just like you have been doing for months now. You don’t care anymore except of your phone. What is the problem with you Fatimah?” Ahmad asked.”I said I am sorry. I deeply sorry. I was chatting with a friend.” she said and this infuriate Ahmad the more.”A friend? Who is that friend who is more important than me? ” he asked .”My husband, please you know no one is more important than you. It is Abdul Hafeez I was chatting with. ” Fatimah replied.”yes, I know, and I think it is high time you choose between me or that friend. I am tired of being in a house that was once a home. You don’t care about me any more, you neglect your duties. Enough is enough! ” Ahmad said while Fatimah opened her eyes wide, she was surprised Ahmad can be so angry at just “mere” issue.”Come on, you are taking this too far. Abdul Hafeez is only my friend and nothing more, how can you say I should choose between you?” she asked him and she was also getting irritated with Ahmad jealousy now.”I have said what I need to say, you can take it or leave it. ” with that Ahmad left the house in anger.”

“Mum, when are you coming to see me? ” Summayyah asked with tears in her eyes as she talk to her mum through a phone conversation.” Very soon ins sha Allah, your Dad and I are walking on it. ” her mother replied.”I hope your husband is taking good care of you.” her mother said while Summayyah forced out a smile.”Your brother Kabir is coming over to the country in a few weeks.” Her mother announced and she nodded, he had already told her and she really can’t wait at least to see a member of her family. At least it will bring a smile on her face.”Summy dear, are you listening? ” her mother asked from the other end.”Yes mum, I am. ” she replied.”How is your husband? Had he changed? ” her mother asked.”Yes, yes, mum, he is changed.” she said if only her mother know how much.”Ma sha Allah, I am so happy to hear that. Just be a good girl, ” her mother advised.”You know I’m always a good girl. ” Summayyah said. They continued their conversation for a while before they hung up. She wondered why she can’t tell her mother the truth about her marriage. She did not know if they will believe her and what if they want her to leave him. She just don’t want to start all over again. As much as she hates being beaten she hates being tagged a divorcee.

“Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh, she heard a voice behind the door, she stood up and went to the door. She opened the door and saw a lady within her age group smiling at her. She was dark and her full black Khimar fit her perfectly.”Salamualykum sis, she said and hugged Summayyah who was still lost at what was happening. The lady sensed this and lose the embrace.”My name is Shakirah, I am your new neighbour. ” she said, Summmayyah smiled with relief and invite her in.”Ma sha Allah, we moved in last month but I hardly see u outside, so I wonder if you use niqab, that was why I am here. ” Shakirah explained after being serve a cup of water.”it is nice to meet you. ” Summmayyah said smiling, and wondered if Abdul Hafeez will be okay with he being friends with this young lady, he had warned her against being friends with neighbors and that is why she kept to herself.”Are you British? Nigeria British? ” Shakirah asked, she is a carefree young lady and she need no introduction.”Yes, I am. ” Summmayyah said.”Yeah, your accent is British. Well, let me introduce myself very well. My name is Shakirah, I live next door with my husband, we got married last month, I am a writer, but I studied psychology. I am twenty five years old. ” Shakirah said.”And I talk alot to women mostly. ” Shakirah quickly added while Summayyah smiled.”and I like you. ” Shakirah added again while Summayyah smiled the more. It is been long that she smiled like this. She is glad she met Shakirah, the new next door neighbour.


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