A Breeze from the past

Episode 19


It’s been three weeks that Ahmad has kept away from home. He comes home daily but very late and leave for work very early in the morning, he abandoned her food and don’t even sleep in the the bedroom with her anymore, she know he is really avoiding her and he didn’t keep it as a secret.

Her marriage is falling apart and she wondered what she can do then she remembered Abdul Hafeez’s words probably it is time to take a walk out of the marriage.Probably that was what Ahmad wanted too.How will she start all over again! She has been married for ten long years!!!! Where will she start from? She is not the type to tell people her problems, she believe with time, things will sort itself out but she doubt it will work this work. She is really confused, she took a deep breath as she heard his car drove in, it was almost midnight. She heard him opened the door, he uttered the salamah, starred at her for a while before he went into the second bedroom and she didn’t see him til the next morning which was for a moment before he went out for work. He didn’t even realized she was on her annual leave.

“So what are you going to do about it? ” Abdul Hafeez asked her and she urged him to advise her as a sister.”What will you tell your sister if she were to be in my shoes? ” she asked, he took a deep breath before he started.”To me, the problem was from the foundation, you two were not in love before marriage, how can you get involved in an arranged marriage? ” Abdul Hafeez started and she sighed.” but we were together for ten years. ” Fatimah said to him and he grinned.”Really? Do you even love him?” he asked her.”Yes, I do, I have told this so many times. ” she said to him, even if she was confused, she wasn’t confused about this.”But does he? ” he asked her.”He did, but I am sure what he has in mind. ” she said to him sincerely.”that is why I told you earlier to leave, there isn’t any child between you two, so it is easier. ” Abdul Hafeez said.” where will I start from? You know my parents are late. ” she said to him, her mother died a year after her marriage , her dad died five years later and he had been supportive all the way. How will she cope without him?”Fatimah, you are still young and besides you have no kids, you will get married very soon to a nice man. ” Abdul Hafeez said.”Who will marry me? ” she asked half to herself and half aloud and he heard her , he was however quiet and watched her without saying a word.

“Subuanallah! Fatimah! are you insane? ” These were Faridah first question immediately Fatimah told her what was on her mind. The two friends seldom visit each other for Faridah and her husband Now live in the outskirts of the city and it is a far from Fatimah’s house, thus they don’t see much of each other. Fatimah had no choice but to visit her when she find it difficult to sleep and Ahmad had abandoned her totally.She know Faridah is a very honest friend, she help her out.”When did Abdul Hafeez come back? ” Faridah asked”How can you continue your friendship while you are married and with a married man? ” she asked”Come on, we are just friends, leave him out of this, help me out with my marital issue. ” Fatimah said to Faridah who sighed and closed her eyes deep in thought.”Fatimah, what do you want? do you really want to leave Ahmad? ” Faridah asked Fatimah for a start.”I don’t know, I just want to be a mother, ” Fatimah said .”This issue is a serious one, both of you are medically fit, what if you remarried and still face the same problem in your new home? Only few men are patient in this kind of situation and I bet Ahmad is one.I don’t believe the issue of not meant to be because if you are really not meant to be, you won’t have married. I remembered you prayed about it then don’t you? And Ahmad did also, so that one is out of it. ” Faridah said thoughtfully. She is still thinking deeply on how to advise her friend .”I think reuniting with Abdul Hafeez is the problem. How can you even think of continuing your friendship with him in the first place?” Faridah accused her friend.”Leave Abdul Hafeez out of this. Help me out in my marriage first. ” Fatimah said.”Fatimah, to be sincere, I believe that the root of this problem is Abdul Hafeez. Your husband didn’t suddenly change, he might have been showing some attitude but you didn’t pay any attention because you are already enjoying the companionship of another man who is married! How is his marriage, do you even think about his wife. The attention you received should have been given to his wife. Fatimah, you need to sort things out, no one can help you. If you still love Ahmad, then you two need to sort it out. Divorce shouldn’t be the solution. ” Faridah saidFatimah was quiet for a while before she finally spoke.”Do you really think I can be a mother as Ahmad ‘S wife? ” She asked”Ofcourse Fatimah, ins sha Allah, it will be very soon. Dont give up now, I know it is not easy, I cant even think of what you are going through, but leaving Ahmad isn’t the solution. What if you remarried and still face the same problem? ” Faridah said to her, Fatimah sighed, she know what she must do. She thought

Summayyah smiled Broadly as she opened the door wide enough for shakirah to entered her apartment, her husband had warned her to stop her friendship with her but she couldn’t stop admiring her. Shakirah is though a talkative but aside that, she has an heart of gold.” What is wrong with you, are you sick? ” Shakirah asked her as she sat down while Summayyah sighed before she forced out her usual smile.”I am fine, I woke up early to prepare Abdul Azeez for school and I slept very late last night. ” Summayyah lied. Shakirah looked at her friend for a while, she knows when someone lies and Know Summayyah was lying.”You know I am a Trained psychologist, I know when you are lying.” Shakirah said while Summayyah sighed. She wish to tell her what she going through but how will she tell her that her husband hit her daily? His abuse is now very constant that she wish he don’t come home sometimes.”You can tell me anything you know. ” She heard Shakirah’s voice.”Don’t mind me. “she said to her and changed the topic but Shakirah was not convinced.”So, you refused to obey my instructions right?” he asked as he pulled her hair.”I am sorry, Summayyah said sobbing trying not to scream so as not to attract the neighbors and her son sleeping.”I told you I don’t want you to have any friends.” he said and pushed her away. She eaved a sigh of relief as she fell on the chair and quickly cleaned up her tears.”Can I serve your dinner now? ” she asked her and he nodded without looking at her.She went into the kitchen, and one after the other, she set the dinning table for dinner. They both ate silently, Abdul Hafeez went into the room to sleep while Summayyah stayed up thinking of a way to sort out her problems, it is becoming unbearable for her. She had tried talking to him but it looked like he just hates her. She still find it difficult to know that her husband has finally become a monster!


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