A Breeze from the past

Episode 20


Ahmad returned home very late as usual and found his wife waiting for him in the living room, he returned her salamah and was about to go into the bedroom when her voice stopped him,”I prepared your favourite dish. Please shower and let us eat. ” She plead with him.”I am not hungry. ” he said to her without looking at her.”I know you are, she moved to him and hugged him from the back and sobbed.”I am very sorry, please forgive me. ” she said crying.”Fatimah, he said, he find it difficult to loose himself from her grip.”I promise, I am a changed person, please let us start all over again. I promise not to ever made any mistakes anymore. Please Ahmad, I still want this marriage . ” She said

“Really? ” Ahmad said and turned to her after he finally Loose himself from her grip.”if you really want this marriage back, then you have to work for it because I am tired of working alone for three years trying to get my wife back. ” with that Ahmad left for the bedroom.She sighed and cleaned up her tears as her cell phone rang, it was from Abdul Hafeez, she hissed and switched off the Cell phone.”we need to stop seeing each other, it is affecting my marriage. ” Fatimah explained to Abdul Hafeez who looked at her with surprise.”I thought you want to leave. ” He asked”I changed my mind, I want to make it work. ” she said to him and he swallowed hard wondering if she is with her right senses.”Fatimah, what about your dream of being a mother?” she asked . She paused for a while before she suddenly asked him.”Will you marry me if I leave Ahmad? “She asked”Ofcourse I will. ” Abdul Hafeez replied quickly.”Subuanallah!!! ” she said, she couldn’t have think that he wanted to marry her all long.”You know I always love you, ” he said”But you left, you didnt tell me. ” She said to him.”Yes, that was the guilt I had lived with everyday of my life. I should have. ” He said.”But you didn’t and I am married now to the best man in the world who I ignored for you for years because I was stupid. Please Abdul Hafeez leave me alone, let me fix my marriage. I don’t want you in my life anymore. ” she told him bluntly.”we we will talk later when you are calm. ” he said and left her office .She placed her head on her table and cried bitterly.

Now she know what she had done wrong. She wondered if Summayyah wasn’t affected with the whole issue.Well, he should sort his problem out while she sort hers out. She just prayed if it wasn’t late already.


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