Educated monday…


By Jagun Abdulwahab

Condemnation of education by networking business agents is nothing to write home about these days. Most are derailing others after crossing the bridge of education to a meaningful level.

According to Prof. H. Mahmud Yunus, “Education is the efforts that are deliberately chosen to influence and assist children with the aim of improving knowledge, physical and morals that can gradually deliver the child to the highest goal. In order for the child to live a happy, and all what ‘dilakukanya’ (he did) be beneficial to himself and society.” Beyond any reasonable doubt, education is life. Can we really be without education irrespective of its kind?

Casting my mind back a bit; If not for sheer determination, one of them would have convinced and confused my life in year 2013. He approached me at GTBank Taiwo Oke branch when I wanted to save my JAMB fee for awhile. Although I danced to his tune by attending his programme but I didn’t invest my money on it. After 4 years, the same man who wanted to convince and confuse me then came to my office while I was serving as the president of my department during my NCE days. As I hosted him and his colleagues after their departmental ID card registration with my Gen Sec. (Comrade Erinfolami), they pleaded with me to orientate them a bit about the department of English and that of their subject combinations respectfully. At that point, nothing came to my mind than what if I have invested my JAMB fee into the networking business he once introduced me to, would I be in the position he met me not to talk of orientation? Although, he couldn’t recognise me for uncountable heads he must have approached for such miscellaneous idea. Throughout my NCE 3, I couldn’t but was thankful to God for guiding me aright when I met him prior to my NCE programme enrollment.

Understand me well, I am not saying networking business is bad, some are wasting their prescious time and resources and some are making it there also but they won’t tell you it’s not meant for set of people rushing to it when hearing millions, billions upon billions. In fact, I cherish those involved for their zeal and dedication but as a village guy turned zealous teacher; when those agents meet people I hate them being guidance counselor against education. Mostly, they are not sincerely friendly but selfish to cross step upon step on the ladder of such business.Throughout my hustle time in Lagos, one of my bosses would say: “Alfa Wahab, I am into networking business but as you can see, it’s not affecting me as an educated butcher” and of course I like him for his sincerity. He would advise me most of the times to be focused irrespective of what I do in life because one who fails to plan, plans to fail consciously.Yes, the fact that scanty or no more WHITE-COLLAR jobs especially for the children from no mean city again shouldn’t be the reason to tag education as WHITE ELEPHANT.

Education is very very ‘importanta’ now even more than before. It’s really sad seeing many preys on the street regretting their approach to networking business against their education. We should have plan ‘Bs’ besides our qualifications, yet we must not join them in devaluing education for my media boss do tell me that if I can’t beat them; once they are not in the right place, joining them is not a solution; I should rather stay akimbo for it’s far better than to be among them. Just as Socrates once said education means the bringing out of the ideas of universal validity which are latent in the mind of every man; looking at our society this day, let’s think how the status of those big fish or better put, the elites’ lives would be without education. My dad used to tell me on his farm that none of his children would be illiterate even if they choose to be farmers like him.

I remember he played one Late Sikiru Ayinde Barister’s song often where he said “Ẹ je kọmọ yin kawe, iwe iwe; iwe lo n sọmọ di Doctor iwe iwe, iwe lo n sọmọ di lawyer…” Education is the best heritage, this is why I chose to be a trained qualified and certified teacher consciously. As a literate, where are you useless in all ramifications?The networking business of a thing some carry on top of their heads against education, is it a certificate to enter paradise hereafter? Giving the two the same dedication in tandem most often than not lead to lost of one either partially or completely. Please stay away from derailing others from the right part. Motivate people towards attaining better education instead of the one which graduates find it difficult to spell or write their names legibly correctly though fingers cannot be equal. Let your children be well orientated that reliance on certificates is very bad but they it need to be well reckoned anywhere and of course to be successful in whatever they lay their hands on. Education might not worths dying for but sure, it worths pursuing with zeal.

I composed not in target of anybody but base on my experience over the years. To grow personally, lots of people are manipulating others not only in networking business but also in so many other jobs out there that I’ve observed. It’s actual fact that no man can exist in isolation not even at this time of pandemic when isolation is required. We grow with others but as we grow; let us make our associates grow also.

Educated monday…

To this end, we need to educate ourselves and others not to discourage education in anyway. Please keep all the behaviours that can cause the spread of COVID-19 here and there at bay, be hygienic and stay safe forever. I heartily pray you well more than your expectation


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