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A Breeze from the past

Episode 21 (finale)


“Summayyah watched Abdul Hafeez hissed for the umpteenth time in an hour and she wondered what was wrong. He wasn’t on his phone as usual and he had been in door since morning which she wasn’t comfortable with because he was at home as if he wasn’t. He didn’t even smiled at his son! He hardly touched his food the night before and even breakfast.

“What is the problem? ” she finally asked him out of curiosity.”Did I tell you that something is wrong with me? ” he asked her in anger.”But you weren’t yourself, and I have lose count of the number of times that you have hissed in thirty minutes. ” Summayyah asked.Abdul Hafeez looked at her and hissed again.”you just do that again. ” Summayyah said with concern and moved towards him.”Tell me, what is the problem? ” she asked him calmly. The anger in him Suddenly aggravated and he pushed her to the floor, her head hit the ground and she fainted. Abdul Hafeez turned to go into the room when he noticed she was still lying on the floor, he moved closer to her and realized she was unconscious, Abdul Azeez moved closer to his mother and broke down crying, he carried his wife into the car while his son followed closely he then drove his wife to the hospital.

“your wife is suffering from amnesia, she is quiet stable now but she can’t remember things from her past for now, probably with time she might and may not, but aside that, she is very fine. ” The doctor explained to Abdul Hafeez Who nodded and went to see his wife. If only he had known that the push might have result into this. Summayyah was a very patient wife and very respectful but he was just too blind to see it. He only prayed his past don’t caught up with him especially with the way he had treated her. He opened the door to the ward in which she was admitted and had been for six weeks. He was surprised to see his parents in law In the ward. He called them two weeks ago to tell them about the accident and they didn’t even tell him they will be coming. He greeted them and moved closer to them. Summayyah was only staring at them. Though they had introduced themselves but she still find it difficult to trust strange faces. The only faces she recognized were her husband’s, Shakirah who always visit her daily and with food, and her son Abdul Azeez who is now with her mother in law.

“we don’t know that you will be coming. How was your journey? “he asked smiling but they were not smiling, Summmayyah ‘S mum even hissed at him.”Where is Abdul Azeez? ” Summmayyah’s father asked and Abdul Hafeez replied. He wondered if they have been told about his attitudes to their daughter.The father told him to see him outside, Abdul Hafeez followed him silently outside the hospital building. They found a place to sit.”Abdul Hafeez, the man called out calmly.”Na’am. He replied”I am taking back my daughter with me back to the UK. ” the man announced to Abdul Hafeez surprise.”I have heard alot of stories about how you treat Summayyah even though she never told us anything. Now that she is even sick, I have to take her back home and when she is fine, she can decide if she want to come back to you. ” the man explained to Abdul Hafeez greatest surprise, he sensed the man had decided everything before coming to the country.”Sir. You are like a father to me, our marriage went through some rough times, but we are both ready to try again. ” Was all Abdul Hafeez could say, he didn’t even plan this.”Abdul Hafeez , I have made up my mind. I will see your Dad this evening ins sha Allah. I can’t with you. ” he said and left his son in law staring into the space.

He know if Summayyah should regain her senses, she won’t even think of coming back to him. He know he has finally Lose her. He wondered who had called them and tell them everything. Who can be his enemy who hate him so much.Abdul Hafeez sat down in the living room and waited. Shakirah was in the room with Summmayyah and her mother packing her belongings.They come out of the room an hour later, ready to go. Quietly, they left, tears fell from his eyes as his wife and son left.

Fatimah smiled as her husband showed up at the door entrance.”Salamualykum waramotullah wabarakatuh my love. ” she said and embraced her husband who smiled broadly.”You looked so happy today, he said and followed her into the living room.”I am always happy but today, I am so happy. ” she said and embraced her husband.”Alihamdulilah, now tell me about it. ” he said.”Let me get you something to quench your thirst. ” She said and went to the kitchen to get her husband a cold water. She waited for him to take a drink before she finally tell him the good news.”Ma sha Allah, six weeks? ” he asked smiling and moved her closer to him and kissed her forehead. He was so happy, he couldn’t even believe it.”I can’t believe it. Allah is the most merciful. ” she said smiling. She could not believe that her prayers can be answered this fast after So many sins she committed.”Alihamdulilah. Was all what her husband can say.Fatimah gave birth eighth month later to twins and they were names Abdur Rahman and Rahma.

Summayyah regained her memory ten months after her accident , the court divorced her and her husband.” I am so happy, I survived. ” she said anytime she tell people what she went through. She got remarried two years later.And Abdul Hafeez? I haven’t seen him in a while.

The End.

The fear of “Just Friends ” is the beginning of wisdom..As-salamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarokatuh.

Can you please summarize what you have been learn from this story?.

May Allah grant us all pious spouse and bless the new couples


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  1. Lessons I learnt from “A Breeze from the past”
    1)We should be prayerful.
    2)We should be patient with our spouse(s).
    3)We should avoid unnecessary relationship with the opposite sex that can affect our marriage.
    4)We should seek advice from good people/friends.
    5)We should give our spouse absolute attention.
    6)We should make our spouse our best friend.


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