My Heart beat for you

Chapter 2

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


I walked shyly towards where everyone was sitting, taking small and slow steps towards them. You see am not comfortable around new people, but once you get to know me, hell breaks loose.

“Assalmu Alaikum,” I greeted my parents who gestured for me to salaam to towards the guest. I turned around to greet them, but was immediately engulfed in a hug by the elderly lady. She grabs hold of my hands and kisses me on the forehead. “MashAllah, you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman Shanzay.”I smiled cheekily at her.She pinches both of my cheeks and repeats “MashAllah, MashAllah” again and again as she looks me from head to toe. I glance at my parents and gave them the ” Who-is-she?” Look.”Shanzay beta, this is your uncle Kareem and your aunt Fatima.

“Ahh! That explains why they seemed familiar. Uncle Kareem is the second eldest brother of my father. He used to come to New York every year due to his work, and stayed at our house for the time being. He has two daughters: Asma and Romaisa. And two sons: Inayat and Shahveer. Asma is already a mother of four kids. And visits us whenever she is free with her adorable little babies. But what is uncle doing here? The last time he came to New York was three years back. My uncle greets me and makes me sit between him and auntie. They both start stuffing me with sweets which were on the table. My parents were smiling whilst the guys were smirking. So thats Shahveer, uncle’s youngest son. He has changed since I saw him last. He has become more handsome than ever.

Astagfirullah!Well, that doesn’t explains why they are here? My uncle was always the strict one. He used to make Isa and me study all the time. Even his kids. He was an Army Chief. He often made me wonder that if he is so strict than his kids would probably have no social life.Back to reality. I smiled at everything they were saying, but the truth was I had no idea what they were talking about. Can someone please tell me what’s going on here? My father must have noticed my quizzical expression and spoke up.

“Shanzay beta, they are here for your hand in marriage for Shahveer.”My eyes widened. To say I was beyond shocked would be an understatement. Me? Married? More specifically to Shahveer? Nuh-uh. Nisa is so going to kill me!!So what I’ve been hearing all these years is going to come true? Shahveer’s dream is finally going to come true. Oh man! I groan inwardly. Now you might be wondering what the heck am I talking about Well let me enlighten you. But first sit back, calm and relax because its gonna be one heck of a long flashback story.


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