My Heart beats for you

Chapter 1

by Yusuf Abdulwasii

Literatus 🌹

You know those mornings when the sunlight is streaming through the window, the birds are chirping and you might feel like that your in the perfect soap opera. But then you glance at your clock and BAM, you realize your late!Yep that’s me who is running late for work. I could be so lazy to get my bum out of bed.

Quickly rushing towards the bathroom and changing my clothes I got out.I tied the pink floral hijab around my head and pulled over a cremè coloured abaya. Taking one last glance at my outfit I grabbed my lab coat and my clutch and rushed downstairs.”Salam baba, Salam mama,” I rushed to my parents who were both enjoying the morning news paper and a cup of tea.”Salam Shanzay,” they replied.I sat down beside my Dad and started applying Nutella on my bread. Don’t judge me, alright, I still think I am kid sometimes especially when I eat the mouthwatering and sugar filled Nutella. I wouldn’t mind buying a Nutella factory just for me, in case you wanted to know. Raise your hands if you agree to have a Nutella factory.

Before I could take a bite of heaven on my plate, I felt two large hands cover my eyes.”Guess who?” the mysterious person asked with his deep frog like voice. I had feeling who this idiot might be, but I played along with odd game.”Oh….umm..let me see, Matt Lanter?” I chuckled.”No, guess again.””Zayn Malik?””Nope!””Aww man! Then you must be Gale right? OMG!! Gale can I get an autograph please?””Well am not Gale, whoever he is. But about that autograph part, I will gladly give it to you.”I fake gasped. I clutched my heart. “You! Off my planet, NOW! How do you not know Gale? But for your information Gale is Liam Hemsworth from The Hunger Games.

“Isa let out a low chuckle as he rolled his eyes. He sat beside mom on the breakfast table, sighing. “Dramatic as ever Shanzay.”Isa was my older brother, only by a year. But I swear, even at twenty-four and works as a business man, he has to taunt me. When will he grow up and realize that his younger sister better than him? I really don’t know. I was just about to argue when my mother complained.”Both of you stop with the bickering or you’ll be late for work.”Isa grumbled under his breath stuffing bread in his mouth muttering words like a toddle. I swear Isa is an adult with a child soul in him. Okay perhaps, he acts as one.I finished my bread, sticking my tongue at Isa. I gave a quick hug to my parents and ran out the house to go to the hospital where I worked as a audiologist.

The hospital was’t big or small, but I loved the staff at my work. I entered inside and was greeted by Julie, the receptionist.”Morning Shanzay, ” she said, quickly typing on her computer. I nodded at her in return. She squinted at the screen, “So today you’ve got to attend five appointments and gotta check on few patients in room number 347.”I waved and turned towards my office. Putting my stuff aside and taking out the things I might need during the appointments: notepad and a pen.I looked out of the huge class window. The view was beautiful. With clear blue sky and the birds flying around, made the atmosphere seem more peaceful and calm yet cheerful. Sighing, as I realized that its gonna be another long tiring day and I won’t get time to enjoy the almost pleasant atmosphere.I fixed my hijab as I got ready for the first appointment. A knock on the door indicated that my first patient of the day has arrived.

“Come in,” I spoke wryly.I smiled at the first patient and that kicked my vigorously long day. Working with people and their ailments can get very tiring. And especially when your phone kept receiving notifications. Must be those sim retards.Always texting about those stupid offers. I really want to sue them.I tried not to stare at my screen since I was at work. It was part of work ethnics so I waited till lunch to close those notifications. Once it was lunch, I was stuffing my face with a kabab roll.I unlocked my phone, I saw that it wasn’t those sim retards but it my mother’s text. But for what? She must have wanted me to bring some ingredient that isn’t present at home. I opened the text.Come home before 9 pm. Don’t be late!!Huh? Whats so important? That can only be discovered at home. I wanted to ask her why, but my break was over. I guess only a couple of hours more. By the time I was done with work, it was well past nine’o clock.Dammit! I was late.As like the rest of the day, I rushed out the hospital, grabbing my stuff. I walked towards my very own Lamborghini Aventador SV. And yes, it was all mine, baby! The colour and it’s shine, make my heart fizzle with excitement. Yes, I have romance with my cars.

Parking my car in the garage, I stepped inside my house but saying salaam before entering. No one replied which made my insides jump with a freight. That’s strange. My mom is usually the first one to reply. I shrugged, they might have gone out. But then why did mom call me at fix nine pm. Even though am late but still.

As I wonderered, I heard voices coming from the living room. Putting my stuff in my room I headed towards the living room, mentally preparing myself for the lecture that my mom was about to give me. Typical Desi Moms.There were about three different voices that seem familiar but I didn’t recognize them. We must be having guests. Yay! Guest time. I just love guests. (Note the sarcasm)I took slow steps towards the living room. I saw a man, probably in his late sixties. And a woman beside him of the same age. A young handsome man was sitting beside my brother. They seem to be having an interesting conversation. I couldn’t help but stare at perhaps Isa’s handsome new friend.I never expected Isa to have handsome friends. But this one broke the rule as he looked a model out of a fashion magazine. I suddenly started feeling nervous of my sweaty clothes. I swear, my heat fell for his hair jet-black hair, which looked so soft that I want to run my fingers through them. And brown eyes which looked like a pool of chocolate. I could look at them all day- Wait!! What the falooda? Haraam thoughts!!! Astagfirullah!I quickly lowered my gaze. They all seemed familiar. I didn’t want to step in, as I know I am gonna feel quite awkward. My mother looked at me with her brightest smile. Please don’t call me mom. Please, I beg you!!”Oh Shanzay, you’ve come. Come, sit beside me.”Well its gonna be a long night.


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