Arrow of Fate

Episode 01

By Yusuf Abdwasii


Aminah stood in the rain with her luggage on Major Clement street, Mabushi Abuja. Almost oblivious of the pouring rain, she had no particular destination in mind but knew she just needed to move. This environment reminded her of failure and made her feel dejected.

She found it funny that she had lived on this street for ten years, yet she had never really noticed this particular tree under which she now stood and against which she supported herself as the rain fell in sheets. She had more on her mind and the pain she bore numbed the stinging effect of the heavy drops of rain on her skin. In fact, she considered the rain which poured relentlessly on her a blessing. At least it kept her mind occupied and she figured it was better to remain there under the tree, with the cool touch of the natural rainwater than return to where she was coming from.

Aminah had unwittingly become comfortable with the chain of slavery for the past ten years. Here she was now contemplating freedom. Freedom? As the rain began to let up after what seemed like an eternity, she began hoping a taxi would come along. Where would I tell the driver to take me to? She whispered. First thing first, though she mused, let the taxi come first and let’s see what happens after that, she smiled dryly. Then she noticed that a particular Camry had passed her three times in opposite directions in the last five minutes. This time she saw that the driver flashed the headlights as he approached her.

Aminah was not afraid. After all the torture and torment of the past ten years, she was ready for the worst. She had endured ten long years of anguish, where she was considered unimportant. Ten years of fruitless venture where her best efforts was regarded as nothing. As memories of the past flooded her mind, Aminah began talking to no one in particular; I have done all a human could do to be happy. It seems the more I try, the more my pain increases. No one around understands the torture I go through daily. If only this car would crush me, my sad story would end once and for all. But I can’t go running to this driver to kill me, can I? It’ll be suicide, and that would mean eternal trouble with God. I still remember the Qur’an says no one should take his or her own life. That’s my problem with God.

Does He even know that somebody like me would experience this wretched life and still ask me not to take my life? Is God not unfair? As a long drawn sigh loudly escaped her lips, Aminah…


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