MY HEART BEATS FOR YOU chapter three

My Heart Beats for you

Chapter 3

By Yusuf Abdulwasii


Ahh!! This wedding is so boring…and why do they have weddings during the middle of the year? I have to miss school because of these weddings. No seriously, believe me, I rather be at school than here. Atleast…I’ll have my friends with me. I know no one here even though its my cousins wedding.

Strange, right? I know…but this is my paternal side you are hearing about. Larger than my maternals but am closer to my maternals.I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Shahveer standing there, looking nervous as ever. He had is right hand hand behind his back, meaning he is hiding something. He is five years older than me, which makes me twelve and him seventeen. I raised my eyebrow at him. His eyes widened and he began stuttering. “I…u..ughh…may…somewhere..?” Okay…what is he on about? I crossed my arms over my chest and let out a huge breath.”Bhai (brother), do you need something? “He cringed when I called him bhai. Maybe am just imagining things. C’mon bud, speak up!!”Can I talk to you…Alone?” He said putting emphasis on ‘Alone’. I nodded, and he started walking. I followed him behind. What could he possibly want? We never talk, so what could it be?Ahhh! Maybe he wants to propose to Nisa, but am not good at giving advices in the ‘romance’ region.

On the way, I saw Akram bhai (my aunts son: paternal) giving a thumbs up to Shahveer bhai. Weird. I shrugged and followed Shahveer out of the wedding lawn into the garden. The garden was beautifully decorated with lights. I looked around the garden in awe and amazement. Beautiful.I twirled around, in my lehnga. My lehnga twirled around, making me feel all giddy and happy. My dress was a golden coloured lehnga with tights. Not too heavy, nor light but beautiful enough.I stopped as I saw Shahveer bhai smiling at me. I gave him a sheepish smile. I totally forgot about him. I walked towards him and motioned for him to speak. He scratched his neck and looked down. Was he nervous? But why? Oh! He must be a shy person.I shook my head in amusement. This is sooo good. A boy nervous? Not a everyday scene. He than stared deeply into my eyes and cleared his throat.”I…uhm…I…want….to…””Am sorry. What? Can you speak a bit more louder and clearer?”He took a huge breath and closed his eyes for a second. Then opened them, and pulled his right hand. He had a beautiful red rose in his hand. I gasped in surprise. Was it for me? No, but why? So many questions ran through my mind but none of them had their answer.

“I…Shanzay from the moment I saw you, you captured my heart my mind, my everything. You were there, always roaming around my mind. Just the mere sight of you brings a smile on my face. I…I..lo..I love you. I know…this all seems strange since we never talk but please would you give me a chance?”I froze. Trying to process his words in mind. This has to be some kind of sick joke. Really sick! But he looks so serious, like he means it. But what about Nisa? They were supposed to marry each other since they are perfect.”Please…Don’t reject me, think about this.” He said while tears streamed out of his eyes. Why is he crying? Why would he love someone like me? He is just playing around! This is haram! Doesn’t he know that? He should be more sensible since he is older than me!!! Am just a 12 year old and he is seventeen. Nope. Nada. Never.He was always like a brother to me and will be!I took the rose from his hand and walked away, leaving him there on his knees.*Flashback Over*

*Flashback* My mom and I were currently at her friends house. My mom practically dragged me here saying that what would her friends say. I mean I know, people are dying to meet me but seriously I am B-U-S-Y. Note the sarcasm.So currently we are waiting outside the house, waiting for someone to notice and open the door.Please! Don’t open the door. Please!My prayers were answered when the door was opened by a seven year old boy. He greeted us and made us sit in the living room and ran away.A second later a beautiful woman appeared. My mom and her squealed when they saw each other. Like, seriously? They completed their ‘Desi kissing system’ and ‘hugging system’ and finally noticed that I was present.”Oh is this Shanzay?As in Shahveer’s Shanzay?” My mother nodded at her. Okay…What the Falooda? What does she mean by Shahveer’s Shanzay? Am no one’s. Stupid people! Am fourteen, am not stupid if they think I didn’t notice.I sighed. I’ll ask mom later.*Flashback Over*

*Flashback* “Mom what did your friend mean by Shahveer’s Shanzay?”She looked at me.”No..nothing.””Mom please, tell me.”She sighed knowing that I wasn’t going to leave this matter any sooner.”When you were born, Uncle kareem and our family lived together. You and Shahveer were best-friends and always played together. As soon as he came back from school, you guys would start playing. He would even complete his homework early just to play with you even though you were three and he was years old.”Wow! This is new. How come I never knew that Shahveer bhai and me were best-friends. My mom interrupted my thoughts by continuing.”So, one day Nisa, your number third uncle’s daughter came to visit. Shahveer had homework to complete and you were left all alone. Since Nisa is an year older than you, she started beating you. You cried, but not loud enough. Shahveer then came to play with you, when he saw Nisa slapping you. He immediately pulled you away from Nisa and slapped her hard. He was so angry that he even shouted at Nisa’s dad for being so rich and not teaching his daughter manners.””From than on, people started assuming that you guys will get married when you are older.”She ended and went away to her bedroom since dad was calling her. This is just-ughh nevermind. But seriously, just because he saved me doesn’t mean that I’ll marry him.*Flashback Over*So, am gonna marry him? Damn, no way. Everyone seems so happy! I can’t do that to them.”So beta, what have you decided? Will you marry Shahveer?”Everyone looked at me. What should I say? Ughhh!!! So confusing.The next thing that happened shocked everyone.


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