My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 5

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


Its been two months since Shahveer’s and mine engagement. He texted me daily but I replied as less as possible, wanting to keep things halal.
Our engagement happened at Shahveer’s house, which was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. The engagement ceremony was wonderful.

I sighed, am already engaged and going to get married soon. There were days when I wanted to grow up as fast as I can because I wanted to drive and have freedom. But now I want to go back to being a kid.
Its just, life is moving too fast. I think am not ready for marriage.
Huh? Not ready for marriage? You were never ready for anything!
What my mind just said is basically true. I was never ready for anything. I was always afraid of making wrong decisions. But then again, life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.
Let’s live tonight like fireflies
And one by one light up the sky
We disappear and pass the crown
You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful
We’re beautiful now
We’re beautiful now
We’re beautiful now
We’re beautiful now
We’re beautiful
My ring tone blared through the phone. I checked the caller, and answered it.

“Yes , mom?”
“Assalmu Alaikum to you too Shanzay.”
I blinked.This voice was so not my mother’s.
“What are doing with my mom’s phone?
And if you wanted to talk to me you could have called from your own phone! And how the hell on earth did you get my mom’s phone?”
“And if you wanted to talk to me you could have called from your own phone.”
Shahveer said, mimicking me.
“Were you answering my calls?! Answer me!! Oh, what am I saying? The princess doesn’t know herself! C’mon Shanzay, we are engaged for heaven’s sake”
Not knowing what excuse to make up I just simply asked him.
“What do you want?”
“I want you to come home right now. And,
if you don’t your mom is just merely four minutes away. I’ll rush down towards the dining room and hand the phone over to her. Then you will get a good lecture after you get home.”

Damn him. Seriously man? This is pure torture. Ugh.. if I don’t get home am seriously gonna end up having a fifty-five minute long lecture from my mother.
“Alright.. I’ll be there in twenty-five minutes.”
I could totally imagine him smirking.
“I’ll be waiting, baby.” And the call ended.
Baby? What the falooda!?! I don’t know how am going to tolerate him after marriage. I’ll probably go crazy.
I rushed immediately towards my car onto my way to home. He is at my home. But what for? Maybe he is going to complain to my mother about not attending his calls but I told him I want to keep things halal.
Frustrated, I grab the steering wheel tightly and accelerate. The cool wind hits my face, making me smile. I reached home less than twenty-five minutes. Making my way inside the house, I see everyone (Shahveer’s parents too) talking in the living room.
I gave my salams to everyone and unwillingly sat down beside Shahveer, since there was only one seat left and that too beside him!
He was smirked when he saw me groan.
“Shanzay you are getting married next week, since its already been two months and I think its the perfect time for you to get married.”
What?! So soon. But am not ready.
And why so soon? It was planned that the marriage was supposed to happen at the end of the year. What happened now? And no one bothered to ask me?
I was cut off by my mom’s glare. Alright! I get it she wants to have grandchildren. But this is so soon. Guess what? I have to get along with everything they say.
I know mom you hate me, but that much?! Am hurt! Ouch! My heart.
Get a grip!
Besides, I have to get married someday so why not next week?
I assured myself, trying to calm down.
Finally, I meekly nodded. Everyone smiled and began celebrating. Shahveer looked happy too. Well if just a simple nod can bring smile to faces then thats wonderful.
The atmosphere was pleasant. I decided to make dinner tonight since uncle wanted to eat food made by my hands. I walked out of the living room towards the kitchen. Pulling over an apron, I set to work.
Putting the pudding in the refrigerator, I checked everything making sure nothing was left out. Now let’s just hope uncle loves the dinner. I set out the plates on the table and called out everyone.
After everyone was settled, I took a seat beside my brother. I waited patiently for uncle to taste the food.
I took in a huge breath and closed my eyes as I saw uncle and auntie taking their first bites.
“This , is heaven.” My uncle said, licking his lips. A huge grin made its way towards my face. Everyone was enjoying the dinner which made me smile in triumph.
I heard a low moan from my left side. I froze. I looked towards left and saw Shahveer devouring every bite of the lasagna. He then took out his phone and typed something. I felt my phone buzz and immediately took it out.
From Shahveer:
This is delicious baby!
I blushed furiously. Arghh….what is he doing to me!?! For the rest of the night I avoided any type of contact with Shahveer.
When it was time for them to leave, the adults went out to discuss a few things about the wedding leaving me and the
devil alone.
As soon as everybody leaves, I stand up and was about to leave when I was pulled back into someone’s chest. My breathing quickened.
“So I see, you have been avoiding me for the past two months. Is it that you want my attention? But you know baby that my attention is all yours.”
I frowned. Why doesn’t he get it that this is haram! And why does he have to be so close?
“I told you this is haram, and I want to keep everything halal. We are going to get married soon so I suggest you to keep your distance till the wedding.”
With that I pulled away and ran towards my room. I quickly locked it and leaned against the door trying to calm my breathing.
This guy!! Ughh!! To divert my mind I started reading the Quran. All my worries vanished when I stood alone before Allah.
My eyes felt heavy and I let darkness take over me.


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