My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 4

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


Everyone stared at me. Then stood up and started hugging and kissing each other. Oh! The desi systems. Uncle and dad were smiling at each other. Maybe I made a wrong decision. Should I reconsider? No. They all look so happy. I can’t do that now. I just can’t be heartless and destroy their happiness.

But uncle and auntie both don’t like me much. But they look happy. Thats strange. I mean Nisa and Shahveer are perfect for each other. Then why me? You must be wondering, who the heck is Nisa? Well…
I have got five uncles. She is the daughter of my fifth uncle. And then comes my father the last. She is a year older than me and has this weird obsession with Shahveer. Shahveer and Nisa get good grades, they are both rich and have good looks.
I, on the other hand am average. Sure I do ace my classes and get positions but only my family and maternals knows about it, because I don’t want fake affection, attention and love from my paternals. Am not ‘money’ rich but I am rich. I have people who love me and adore me. Thats all I need to be a rich person.

So, back to reality. Does Nisa know about this? If she comes to know about this am soo dead.
Oh Allah save me from the wrath of Nisa! Ameen.
I look around the room. The adults are gone and only my brother and Shahveer are present in the room. Except me of course. My brother stands up and walks out of the room, leaving me alone with my-soon-to-be-husband.
He has a huge grin, stretched across his face as he looks at me. I look down at my lap and started playing with my fingers.
He winked at me. The nerve of him!
He just made things more awkward. Way to go dude.
Then everyone comes back and start chatting happily. Well I should go and change since I have nothing to do here. I stood up and was about to leave when I heard my name.
Please mom have mercy on me, and let me go.

“Where are you going Shanzay?” My mom inquired.
“Ugh..uh…no where, just going to my room.” I smile at her but begging through my eyes.
She nodded. I quickly rushed towards my room and locked the door. After having a long bath and imagining what my life would after I get married I got out.
Hmm. Now what should I wear? After debating, I pulled over a floral shirt and a beige coloured scarf with a sky blue coloured skirt. I went downstairs to see they were all about leave. I stood beside my father.
“Okay…Shehzad its time for us to go. And thank you bhabhi (sister-in-law )for the wonderful dinner.” Uncle said to mom and dad. My mom smiled. She loved getting compliments.
“But I hope next time I eat dinner here, it would be made by Shanzay’s hands.” Uncle looked at me. I smiled and blushed. I went to say good-bye to my auntie, but I was pulled towards the hall out of the room where everyone was.
I looked up to see Shahveer smirking. He is standing too close. I moved back and he moved forward. My back hit the wall and I was now caged between the wall and Shahveer.

Shahveer’s face inched closer to mine. My heart started racing and my breaths were now small and faster. This is haram!!
“I’ll be waiting for you.”
He kissed my forehead and started walking away leaving me blushing behind.

He suddenly stopped and turned around.
“I always wanted to make you mine. And now you are going to be mine. No wait! You were mine from the beginning. YOU ARE MINE!”
With that he walked out, while I stood there gaping at his words. Possessive much? I wanted to scream at him. We are yet to be married and I was no one’s from the beginning. Idiot.

The next day, while I was on my break during work when I received a message. Walking towards my desk I took a look at the it.
Unknown Number:
Hey sweetheart ๐Ÿ™‚
Woah! What the falooda? Seriously! Kids need to grow up, this prank is getting old. Sighing, I went back to work. My phone beeped again and again, but I ignored it knowing that eventually the kids would stop.
But no! The texts didn’t stop at all. Finally at night while mom and dad were cooking dinner today I was sitting in the lounge, resting my head in my brother’s lap. My phone kept buzzing in my pocket making me vibrate.
I had enough! I took out my phone and showed Isa the number.
“Do you know, whose number is this?”
Isa looked at it for a moment and then took out his phone. He typed the number in his contacts and showed it to me.
That idiot! As soon as I was about to call the number, dinner was ready. I sighed, making a mental note to deal with him later. After having dinner I went upstairs and pulled out my phone. I started reading the messages.
Unknown Number:
Sweetheart how are you?
Unknown Number:
Whatcha doin?
Unknown Number:
Why aren’t you replying?? Am getting impatient over here!!
Unknown Number:
Are you busy?
Unknown Number:
Atleast tell me you are! One text won’t hurt!
And the list goes on and on and on.

He doesn’t even tell me who he is and expects me to text him! I saved his number in my phone then texted him.

To Shahveer:
You didn’t even bother to tell me who you are and expect me to text you?! Am sorry to say this ‘Mr. Attention-Seeker’ but I don’t talk to strangers. And we are not married yet! Heck, we are not even engaged! So I suggest you to stop texting me!
After typing out the message I hit the send button and went to pray Isha. After praying, I had nothing to do so I went on Facebook. I had twenty-five notifications and messages with one friend request.
Being the lazy one I am, I logged out without checking anything. I checked my phone messages to see I had received yet another text from you-know-who.

From Shahveer:
Hahahaha! Baby, yes am an attention seeker but only for your attention . And besides am not a stranger as you put it. Am your soon-to-be-husband. A hot one might I add!

To Shahveer:

From Shahveer:
Nightie Night Angel! Don’t dream about me too much. But I can’t say that for myself vice-versa because you are so damn beautiful! I can’t help but even daydream about you!

I blushed. Ughh….pervert. Without bothering to text back, I shut my phone and dozed off to sleep.


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