My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 06
Yusuf Abdulwasii

Its been six days and Shahveer hasn’t bugged me since the day I told him off. I miss his texts. Yeah, I know you are mentally cursing at me but I had to do it. And I had no idea I would miss him that much. I sighed, the preparations are going on full speed.Tomorrow is the wedding day. Am going to be Mrs. tomorrow.

My wedding dress has arrived but mom is still freaking out. She doesn’t need to freak out but she says that when I’ll watch my daughter get married then I’ll know. My daughter, Shahveer’s and my daughter. Just the thought of it makes me flush red.

I shouldn’t be thinking about these things yet. I picked up my phone and dialed my mother’s number in. After about three minutes she finally decides to pick up.”Salam mom. How are you doing?””Allhamdulilah, but there are still preparations left to be done.””Mom you don’t need to worry and besides its just a small wedding at the mosque. Stop stressing!” I told her in a stern tone. Her blood pressure will rise.She laughed.”I’ll tell you that on your daughter’s wedding. Okay now I’ve got to go with your father and don’t be late.”Beep. The phone went dead. I glanced at my wrist. It was seven pm. I better get going and get my beauty sleep otherwise I wont be getting married tomorrow. I grabbed my things and walked out of the office.On my way I bought a happy meal for dinner.

What? Don’t judge, these things are awesome. As soon as I reached home I took out Nutella and dipped my fries in it. I moaned, this is heaven on plate. Wish I could marry food.

My phone started ringing, without checking the caller I answered the call and put it on speaker. I began eating my fries with Nutella, devouring every moment. I moaned in pleasure, this is just so good.”Am not sure I like that sound at all Shan.”My eyes widened and I looked around. There was no one in the house. My eyes fell on my phone which was on the table. I checked the caller to see it was Isa.I groaned. “What do you want? Can’t I eat in peace without you interrupting my time with my baby.””And am sure Shahveer wouldn’t like that either!” I could practically imagine him smirking on the phone.”Shutup! What do you want?””Just called to tell you that you need to sleep early. Wouldn’t want the bride to have dark circles, now do we?”I ended the call without answering him. Idiot! I finished my dinner and went to sleep.It was around midnight and I kept tossing around. I couldn’t sleep because the thought of getting married tomorrow just scares me. Would I be a good wife? A good daughter-in-law? I have no idea if Shahveer can put up with me.

I mean am as stubborn as a donkey. Okay wait! Am not calling myself donkey. But you get it right? I’m a tomboy. I don’t like dressing up all girly but I do wear hijab and skirts to cover myself up and to please my creator. I am totally crazy. And by crazy I mean I do the most weirdest things at the most weirdest times. I talk a lot. I like playing basketball, football and cricket.I don’t like make-up. That just destroys my natural beauty. Not that I have any. I sighed, Shahveer wanted to marry me. I bet he is gonna leave me once he sees the real Shanzay. My thoughts wandered as I drifted off to sleep.


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