ARROW OF FATE episode 02

Arrow of Fate
Episode 02
By Yusuf Abdulwasii

As a long drawn sigh loudly escaped her lips, Aminah realized she had once again fallen into one of her numerous thinking routines. She had been slipping into them more frequently these past few weeks. When will this end? She sighed again as a teardrop trickled down her cheek. She wiped it away, muttering, this is no time for tears. The rain ebbed some more and darkness began to set in. Still no taxi had come by. Can’t blame them, Aminah thought. If I were a taxi driver, I couldn’t imagine what a mature woman would be doing outside this rainy night by herself. All through my life, no one has ever understood my plight, so why should I expect a taxi driver to do so now? Even as she stood there drenched, Aminah could not even bring herself to stop any taxi in her present condition. How could she when she had no destination? If she eventually settled on one and the fate was cheap, she still couldn’t pay. She had no money on her.

Nightfall came fast but Aminah was unpertubed. As far as she was concerned, the whole earth could fall on her right there, she was through with all her assignments on earth. What was life, when she had no peace of mind? Suddenly, the same car she had observed previously stopped by her. The driver honked several times to attract Aminah, but she pretended not to hear. What’s does he want from me? I am sure he is not a taxi driver, Aminah said to herself. “Anyway, he will not force me to answer that horn. When he is tired, he will move off. In fact, she was slightly irritated that the man was disturbing her peace.

The driver whose name Aminah later learnt was Abdullah, was on patrol duty that high and could not figure out what such a healthy looking woman would be doing out there late as it were, under the rain. Each time he drove past her, something told him that she was in trouble. She didn’t look like a trouble maker from her looks but his training as a security officer told him there was more to the woman standing out there than meets the eye. He was well within his rights to engage her.

He really wanted to ignore her but his spirit would not let him. This woman is not a criminal. She doesn’t look it. She is also in no way constituting any threat to my job this night either, Abdullah thought to himself. Decidedly, Abdullah did not want to see himself as a security agent this time, but a concerned citizen attending to a damsel in distress. Tonight, he would be a Good Samaritan to this lonely woman. As he battles with his thoughts, Aminah just stood staring without focus into the thick blanket of darkness. When she did not respond to the horn, Abdullah stopped the car, took out his umbrella and walked towards the strange woman. It’s now or never Abdullah, he mattered under his breath.

“What are you doing here all alone without even an umbrella over your head, Madam? He asked. No answer.
“It’s rather late, where are you going? Are you waiting for somebody and can I be of any help?” He prodded further.
Still no answer came from the woman. Strange. He moved closer to her, as if to cover her with the umbrella. As he drew near, he noticed that this strange woman was actually and attractive even in her present state. Abdullah found himself wondering again, what on earth could be happening to this woman. Could it be a mental problem? She doesn’t look it. But why is she not talking? Could she be deaf and dumb?
He decided to try again., “Madam, I hope you don’t mind my interference? I’m only doing my job as a security agent on this street. It is my duty to give account of you as you stand out here now. Please help me to do my job. I have not come to harm you. “She turned to look at him well for the last time. As she faced him, Abdullah nodded encouragingly like he was saying “talk to me,” Aminah cleared her throat, using her handkerchief to wipe her wet face.

“I’m Aminah, going from somewhere to nowhere”, she replied.

“What do you mean, from somewhere to nowhere?” He asked trying unsuccessfully to hide the bewildered expression on his face.

Exactly what I said Mr security, I don’t have anywhere to go. I’m going to sleep here tonight. If your law says no, then the law should do its worst”

Did she really sleep there, what’s Aminah’s problem…? Wait for the coming episodes.


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