ARROW OF FATE episode 03

Arrow of Fate
Episode 03
By Yusuf Abdulwasii

The rain had stopped and now Aminah looked out of place in her wet clothes and dripping hair, and here was this man trying to help her.

Are you married? Abdullah asked.

Yes, I am… I was. For ten years, I have been married without a child. My husband, Abdulhakeem, lives about ten poles away from here.

Oh, thank God! It makes it easier for me. I thought you were from a far place and that you were stranded here. Can I take you home now to your husband, he offered.

God forbid! Aminah lamented. Abdullah was taken aback. How could a woman refuse going back home to her husband? As she spoke more, Abdullah realized that Aminah had been sent packing from her home that evening and that on her way to nowhere in particular, it started to rain and was forced to take refuge under the tree where he met her. “Can I at least talk to your husband? Just give me the address and phone number, I will talk to him on your behalf?
The mere mention of a talk with her husband sent goose pimples all over her, suddenly reminding her that she had been standing out in the rain for a long time. She began to be shivering from cold and opened her two arms to please that he should not think of going to her husband.
“Don’t bother about me, I am very comfortable where I am”. That didn’t sound right, Abdullah thought. How can a a normal person be comfortable in this cold?
Abdullah began to fear for her safety because of the so called militants who had been terrorizing the city for quite some time now. To make matter worse, different cults groups were out operating in broad daylight and causing unbearable sorrow and pains to families all over the city. It was like the Nigerian civil war all over again.
Abdullah was more anxious because today was a Sunday. At this time, no person or car moved around except security agents who moved from street to street, checking the activities of these cultists. Abdullah was supposed to arrest this woman for breaking the curfew but here he was instead, pitying her.

So you don’t want me to see your husband, Abdullah asked again.

Don’t even think of it. Just leave me alone, I don’t want anyone to disturb my peace here, she countered. Aminah was past caring now and didn’t give a hoot about the activities of the cultists. She didn’t mind if the cane to attack her. She was ready for the worst.
Abdullah demanded to know of any relations or friends he could take her to at least to sleep for the night, all attempts to get her out of that place failed. The more she resisted the more Abdullah was reluctant to leave her alone there. Slowly, he walked back to his car, and moved out a little further to watch her from a distance. He decided to stay put for the whole night instead of patrolling. Aminah on her part sat under the tree and started to cry herself to stupor.

At about 2:30 am, sounds of gunshots from cult boys rent the air, it was really terrifying and all Abdullah”s senses were on full alert. He became afraid and worried at the same time for Aminah.

As the gunshots continued, Aminah suddenly realized she needed to be alive. She wished for somewhere to hide.

As the shooting drew closer, Aminah decided to take only her handbag, and run hoping that perhaps, she would come back for the luggage if she survived the rampaging cultists. As she reluctantly left the tree where she had been leaning all afternoon to cross the road…..

Did she escape???
Await the need episode.


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