My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 10
By Yusuf Abdulwasii

He smiled at me. I wish I could hug him, like I used to when I was small. I wish I could tell him that how much I missed him. I glared at him and then turned around. I heard him groan.
“C’mon Shanzay, you can’t be serious?! We meet after so many years and all I get is pissed off Shanu?”
Yes! You deserve it.
Suddenly, out of nowhere a chocolate came in front of my view. My eyes widened. This was not just any chocolate. Its my favorite chocolate.
Snickers! Ahh.. that brings back so many memories. I smiled, and instantly shot out my hand to take the chocolate when he moved it away.
I frowned. What now? Just give me the damn chocolate!
“Nuh-uh-oh, not so easily, first I need my bear hug.”
I shook my head. He frowned, “But why?” He asked.
“Because am married and even if I wasn’t we’re way too big to fo that anymore.” I said while folding my arms. His face saddened.
“Oh…” was all he came up with. Why is he so sad? Oh! You didn’t invite him to your wedding. Well! How was I supposed to? When we had no contact or whatsoever.
Typical Ayan.
“So Ayu! Who is she?” I said, referring to the little girl who was busy licking the lollipop.
“Uh-who? Oh yeah…she is my sister.”
His sister? Wow. I thought she was his daughter since she resembled so much like him.
I didn’t notice Ayan writing something. I was busy in my thoughts when he finally bought me back to reality.
“Uhh…Shanu, listen I gotta go. I’ve noted down my number. Just text me okay?” I nodded at him. I wrote my number and gave it to him. Then I packed my things. When I looked up, I saw that Ayan had already left without even saying goodbye. Well, Nevermind
On my way I called the security guards to inform them that I’ll be reaching home shortly. I pulled my car in the garage and entered home. There was an eerie silence in the atmosphere. The lights were all lit off. I checked the time. Yep, am late. I went upstairs towards my room and started taking out clothes for the night. I quickly had a shower and in second I was out as light.
Around midnight I woke up because of my phone, that was continuously beeping. I checked my phone to see numerous texts from an unknown number. The first one said:
Hey! I can’t sleep. Can we talk?
I just simply asked:
Who are you?
An instant reply came.
Ayan 😉
I smiled. And then the next thing you know, we were texting each other. Around six in the morning, my battery died. I left my phone on charging while I went to the bathroom. I checked myself in mirror, and saw a zombie looking back at me.
Wow Shan! You look like Ms. Universe.
Thank you very much brain. I rolled my eyes and did wudhu. After that I prayed and made breakfast. I called everyone downstairs. Breakfast was fun, with so many people around you. Especially dad, he was cracking the lamest jokes you have ever heard. They made me laugh out loud. Then everyone left for work. I cleaned my clothes, room and of course Shahveer’s cupboard which was a mess. It was two in the afternoon when I left for work. As I entered the office, I was greeted by Ayan. We talked for a few minutes when I told him that I had work to attend to. Bidding me goodbye he left. I started my work. I left at six and had dinner.
My phone beeped.
Salam! Wanna have lunch together tommorow? My sister is dying to see you.
Ayan had texted me. Well his sister was cute so I agreed. After watching some TV , I slept.
The next day, I went to the park with Ayan. I played hide-and-seek with Maryam and later on Ayan joined us. Maryam was one energetic, bubbly soul. I was tired so I told her to go on swings while I sat down beside Ayan on the blanket. He had planned a picnic.
“Ewww…you stink!” I raised my eyebrow at Ayan and then smelled myself. I picked up a stone nearby and threw it at him.
“Stop being violent woman!” He cried, as he rubbed the spot where the stone hit him. For a few minutes we sat there, watching people pass by, when Ayan spoke up.
“So tell me?”
“The lucky groom?”
“You guess. I’ll give a hint.”
“Api (sister) Rubab’s wedding, the first guy who proposed me.”
He looked like he was thinking, and then his eyes widened.
“No kidding?” He said, his eyes wide in disbelieve.
“Nope.” I said, popping out the p.
“Guess am too late…” he murmured to himself. I couldn’t quite catch what he said, so I simply shrugged.
He said again that he had to leave. I noticed that he leaves early everytime we meet. Well? Who am I to him anymore. No one. So I told him it was fine. We both went seperate ways to home.


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