ARROW OF FATE episode 06

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abdwasii (Literatus 🌹)

Episode 6

As if my mother’s death was not enough, grandma suffered a stroke. She had given to worry immediately after the death of my mother. The doctor warned her of danger of stroke when he checked her blood pressure was at 110 over 200. That was very high. Although she tried to help herself, the shock was too much for her. On the evening she suffered her stroke, grandma screamed while she was heaving her bath. I rushed to see her, I saw she was already on the ground unable to say a word, I helped her out of the bathroom, cleaned her up then rushed her to her personal doctor. She was admitted after the doctor observed she had stroke. Stroke??? I shouted. How could this be? What could have caused it? I didn’t know one could be emotionally sick and grandma had been worried over my mother’s death. I asked the doctor the cause of the stroke and if it could be cured. He bent down beside me and told me that a lot of things can cause stroke, chiefly anxiety or stress.
I think your grandma has been very worried lately. As for the current, let’s wait and see what happens. Medically, it is possible but in rare cases. I quickly went to my uncles and informed them, I was asked which hospital I took her to and I answered. They were really proud of me for having the courage to do what I did.
On evening I closed from school and instead of going home to change from my uniform, I decided to go and see grandma first. I got to the hospital and my two uncles were outside the hospital waiting for me. They did not allow me to go in but told me that mama had asked me to prepare rice for her. Oh my God! So grandma can talk now?

I smiled and hugged my two uncles who pretended to be happy as well. “Let me go greet her first before I go home, I said but my my uncles insisted that u should go home first. Uncle Mojeed later said she slept for a while.
No problem then, can we go fast and get the food? I said, very happy that my sweet grandma was well again. As we drove home, my uncles did not say a word to each other or even to me. Their silence was uncomfortable. How could they be so dull when grandma has gained consciousness? I thought. I decided to break the silence, “Uncle Mojeed, when will the doctor discharge grandma?”
Maybe tomorrow, let’s see show she improves from now on, he replied.

I think the doctor said the day after tomorrow, Uncle Ibroheem added.
That’s right, I chipped in. As long as she’s fine again.

Nothing was again until when we got home. I quickly brought out the stew from the freezer and boiled rice for grandma and my uncles. I noticed they were not happy when I served them. Although, they did eat the food, it was not with as much excitement as they should have with the good news of grandma’s sudden recovery. When they finished, I put food in a flask so we could go back to the hospital. My uncles were so reluctant to stand up from where they sat.

Aminah, uncle AbdulMojeed called me. Please come and sit down, there is something very important we will like to discuss with you, he continued.
Uncle, can’t it wait? Grandma may have woken up now, you know she hasn’t eaten since, I lamented.

Don’t worry, she’ll eat later, he replied.
I sat down with my uncles who were silent again. They were looking at each other and wondering what to say and how-to say it.
Errm, Aminah how was school today, did you have any problems in school so far,

Uncle Ibroheem asked… School was fine, I replied.

Suddenly, they both gazed at each other and began to cry as if it was planned or acted, I couldn’t understand what’s really going on?

The picture was getting clearer as my uncle hugged me closer than before, “Grandma is dead”, uncle AbdulMojeed finally dropped the bombed. All I wanted to hear was that my grandma was still alive. Suddenly, I began to scream. My uncles rushed over to condole me. I cried for days, weeks and months. I was in my first year in senior secondary school.
Who would I read this now? Who would be proud of me and my achievements again? Life has really shown me its wicked side.

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