My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 11

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


Its been three months. Three freaking months since I last saw Shanzay. I know I have left her on our wedding day, which is very wrong. No woman on this earth deserves that treatment. But I had my own reasons. I miss her badly.
I had gotten to know that I had to travel to Chicago for work on my wedding. At first I refused to leave Shanzay alone. But then dad convinced me, that if my wife cared then she would understand. Truth to be told, Shanzay cared about everything. Even about the people she never knew, she would help them no matter what. That’s what I like the most about her. She understands, and then supports.
The only thing that makes me happy is that she is mine. All mine! No one can take her away. Not even Ayan. You see, Ayan was in love with my wife since they were twelve.
*Flashback *
Shanzay, Nisa, Akram, Ayan and me were all at the beach. We were watching the girls swim. Well more like Nisa. She was showing off, acting like a model with no shame at all. Whereas on the other hand, Shanzay was finding seashells. She looked beautiful as always. I always wished that she would be betrothed to me when we were young. We could have gotten married earlier, like my parents.
I sighed, knowing that it was only a possibility. Akram and Ayan were busy talking. They later joined me, and we started asking random questions from each other.
“So Ayan, tell us your deepest darkest secret.” Akram said to Ayan, while wiggling his eyebrows. Ayan laughed.
“Eh? You wanna know?”
“Yes very much!”
Ayan looked towards Shanzay and started off, “You see, I love Shanzay very much. I realized that on her birthday. She means so much to me. And I intend on marrying her in future. InshAllah.”
I clenched my fists. How dare he? The nerve of him! I loved Shanzay before he did, and I still do! She is Mine!! I tried to calm myself but my mind wanted nothing more to punch him there and tell him that Shanzay is Mine. But I can’t. It would create a huge fight. I just passed a fake smile towards him.
Besides Shanzay trusts him more.
Obviously I was her very first best-friend but then she was small and doesn’t remember anything now. I walked away from them.
* Flashback Over *
“Sir it’s time for your meeting. Everyone is waiting in the conference room. “
“Yeah. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Kissing Shanzay’s photo one last time, I left for the meeting. I’ll be back soon my love. Soon.
She is married. Freaking married! And that too, to Shahveer. Didn’t she see the love in my eyes for her? She didn’t even try to invite me to her wedding. I would have attended the wedding, just to stop it.
Yeah dumb idiot! You changed your number and expect her to contact you. Wow! Real mature dude! Real mature.
I guess Shahveer won.He won the challenge. But I won’t back down. I would make Shanzay fall in love with me. And when we will confess our feelings, she will get divorce and I’ll marry her. Yes, I would do that!
I’ve always dreamt my future with her. She is my everything. I might have even pictured my kids with her. She was always there for me when I was young and weak. I used to get bullied and she protected me. I smiled at the memory of our start of friendship.
* Flashback *
I was being kicked by the fifth graders. The boys all bullied me. I was weak. They stole my lunch and I had to starve myself. I couldn’t stand up against them. I never told my parents because I didn’t want them to worry. They already had too many problems to deal with.
I sat there, bearing the harsh beatings. Everyone was watching, passing by but no one decided to help me. Tears streamed down my face.
I closed my eyes feeling myself sleep when the pain stopped. There was shouting, grunts and screams. I heard someone punching. The last thing I remember was someone holding me and telling me to stay awake.
There was white all around. Yuck! No color? Have I died? I looked around to see a girl standing there holding a box.
As soon as she saw me awake, she came rushing towards my side and made me drink water.
“Do you feel any pain? Are you alright? Do you need something? ” She asked, concern all over her face.
I gave her a weak smile and said no with a thank you. The nurse came in checked me up and told me that I could leave. The girl helped me stand up, brought me outside the health room to the cafeteria. She made me sit and then
motioned towards her lunch box. I told her I didn’t have any. She frowned but then she opened her lunch box and shared the lunch with me. That was the beginning of our friendship.
* Flashback Over *
I smiled to myself, regretting ever leaving her. I left for work since I couldn’t afford to many holidays.

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