ARROW OF FATE episode 07

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abdwasii (Literatus 🌹)

Episode 07

My life changed and flow down the drain, there were no more motherly care, though my uncles were wonderful but they were men. They gave me cash for anything I wanted and I was almost spoilt knowing the process of their care for me. By doing so, they thought I’d not feel the absence of my mother and grandma. I needed someone to share my feelings and secrets with but I found none.

I was going to school one fateful day, when a woman about thirties rushed after me.

Hey, hey… Heeeey, the girl in green and white school uniform, I looked behind and saw the woman, I pointed at myself to make sure she was referring to me and she nodded in response, Yes, you.

“Your cloth is soaked with blood” the woman said, didn’t you use pad or you didn’t pad well?”

Pad myself, how would I have padded myself, what is pad?

It sounded so strange to me because it’s my first time hearing it.
I was taken aback by the questions, but was eager to see the stained blood. I spinned my skirt around and see that my skirt was blood-stained.

What could have stained it? Could it be I was injured somewhere and isn’t aware, Is there a kind of injury one couldn’t feel? I asked within myself.
The woman was surprised with the look I’m my eyes as it was innocently, she took me aside and asked if I ever had this experience before, I told her it was my first time and she couldn’t resist being sorry for me.

Then, the woman said the stained blood is menstruation, have you ever heard of it, she asked?

Yes ma, I have heard some of my fellow students says they are menstruating. I have been expecting mine ever since I heard it but it didn’t occur that mine has also started already.

The woman crossed to the other side of the road to a nearby pharmacy, she got sanitary pad, took me home and cleansed me. The pad felt so strange that I couldn’t wear it to school.
How’s your mum? she asked. She looked at the every corner and the entrance of each rooms to see if there’s anyone inside but there’s none.

I lost her many years ago and my grandma who has been taking care of me also died. I live here with my uncle. She felt sorry for me and hugged me tightly.

Mrs Zainab Yusuf is a civil servant who’s on her way to work when she noticed the stain on me. She took me to her house and educated me on some important things I need know.

In her house, she prepared fried rice with chicken with Smoov Chapman and we both consumed the life long delicious meal.
Look here Aminah, Mrs. Zainab said, you’re now a lady, you must be very careful and take extra care of yourself.
Do you have boyfriend? Boy… Friend? I blurted in a stammering voice, taken aback. who’s that? I asked innocently.

Henceforth, do not let male friends come closer to you, you’re now ripe for marriage age, you must not engage in any enamored relationship that could lead you astray especially sexual intimacy.

I was told to always come around someday, I will be welcomed.
She didn’t say anyway, of course there’d be another day…no, days with this good blessed Samaritan. I’d surely come around to feel her motherly love.

In the evening, I narrated my experience during the day to uncle AbdulMojeed, he can’t hide his happiness towards Mrs. Zainab and we both went to her house, we were welcomed and my uncles thanked her a lot and show expressions of gratitude, we were immediately accepted as family friends.
My uncles played the role of a father as much as they could. They both sincerely wanted to help me forget my ugly past. One day, Uncle Ibroheem came to the house to inform us of his travelling to further his education, he had submitted his application even before the death of grandma. I systematically bent down sobbing.
What’s the matter? Uncle AbdulMojeed asked.
I am scared uncle Ibroheem might not come back as my mother couldn’t. The statement shocked both of them and the burst into tears, they jumped at the same time and came to me to wipe my tears.

I was later convinced that nothing would happen to my uncle.
The day he left, we waited until his plane took off and our of sight.
Alas! I was left alone with uncle AbdulMojeed who had a girlfriend called Fatimah, she usually came around most weekends to stay with us. She was working with United Bank for Africa (UBA). Hardly will she came to our house during weekend without a gift for me and always took me out.
After her wedding to my brother, the whole story changed…..

Next episode..

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