My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 12
by Yusuf Abdulwasii

Quickly grabbing my clutch I rushed out to the garage. I pulled out my car and drove towards the restaurant where I was having dinner tonight with Ayan. Ayan and me have gotten closer over the past four months. Four months since I got married. Four months since I last saw Shahveer.
Frankly, I couldn’t care less. He is out there, Allah knows where, having the time of his life. I bet, the divorce papers are ready and he has also signed them. All he wants is to see my reaction. If he thinks that I’m going to cry and beg him, then he has got another thing coming. Instead I’m just gonna smile at him and sign the papers. Ha! Act like a lady, think like a boss.
I pulled into the lot and walked inside the restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful, the decor excellent. It gave a feeling of coziness. I looked around to see that the restaurant was almost busy today.
“Yes ma’am, how may I assist you?”
I smiled at the waiter and was just about to reply when a voice spoke behind me.
“Table for Mr.Ayan.”
I turned around to see that Ayan was standing there, holding a rose in his hand. I took the rose from his hand and muttered a ‘thank you’. Ayan guided us to our table. We sat down and ordered soup since it was cold outside. The waiter handed over our soup and went away.
“So do you like the restaurant?” Ayan asked me.
“Yes. Very much.”
He smiled at me showing me his two dimples. When we used to be small, I used to poke his dimples. I was always jealous that he had two dimples and I had none. He used laugh and say that I did have one but it wasn’t deep enough to be considered a dimple.
We talked a lot about various things. When he suddenly asked me something about that I was avoiding for so long. I stiffened
“So where’s Shahveer? How is he doing? Maybe we can all have lunch together someday…” he trailed off.
“Uhh..uh…rig..right now he is on a business trip. “
He simply nodded and I sighed in relief. An uncomfortable silence settled between us. It was so uncomfortable that I decided to break it.
“So any girl in mind? When are you planning on getting married. Your mom was asking for me to find a bride for you. To be honest, if you need one I’d gladly help you.” I said while sipping on the soup.
“Uhhh….yes I have this girl in mind since I first saw her.”
That caught my attention. I was curious about this girl so asked him.
“Really? Do I know her?”
“Maybe yes, maybe no.” He smirked.
“Is she pretty?”
“Yes, very.” He said while looking at me, his eyes glistening.
“Have I ever met her?”
“Maybe yes, maybe no.”
I groaned, he is not giving any hint. I then decided not to speak anymore and we ordered our dinner. Quickly after having dinner I went home and slept since I had a night shift. Around eleven at night I woke up and got ready for work and then quickly left.
I was sitting on my seat waiting impatiently for the plane to land. Yes! You guessed it right. I’m going home today, and as soon as I see Shanzay I’m gonna kiss her senseless.
What would be her reaction when she sees me? Would she be happy? Would she hug me and tell me that she misses me? I don’t care if she doesn’t, but I missed her a lot. It’s been two hours since am travelling and I’m already tired.
It’s ten past thirty minutes and I am going through the airport security. It took me fifteen minutes to get out of there. I quickly drove home, excited to meet my angel.
I entered my home and the guards greeted me. As I entered inside, the lights were all off . Everyone’s probably asleep. I tiptoed towards our room. I turned the knob as quietly as I could and entered the room.
“Angel I’m back!” I yelled but was greeted by silence. I checked to see that the room was empty. Even the bathroom. Where was my angel?? I grew worried and quickly rushed downstairs towards the guards. I asked them about Shanzay. They said that she had left for work, she had a night shift.
I groaned. Guess I have to wait for her. I went upstairs and waited for half an hour. My eyes were about to close and I didn’t know when I fell asleep but I when I woke up, you could say it was the best morning I ever had.

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