ARROW OF FATE episode 08

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abdwasii (Literatus 🌹)

Episode 8

Taking a deep breath and vivid look at where I’m coming from, I can see the journey to where I am now really began from that point on. I discovered her love for me was fake. She pretended all along to love me while she dated my uncle. She knew that my uncle wanted a woman that would have affection for me and make me her own, because of that, she had pretended and played my uncle all along, my uncle felt she was right for me. At this point, I was through with my Senior secondary schools, did UTME, but living has been a hell in a cell for me. I became a house maid to my uncle’s wife (Fatimah) who laud me with different kind of abuses and foul languages. She saw nothing good in all I did. She called me a with, a bad omen as I’m the reason for my mother and grandma’s death, she always said. There were times I wouldn’t eat because she wouldn’t gimme food to eat.
Living with Fatimah has been no difference between day and night, I can’t differentiate between hell and paradise anymore.
I worked late at night even when everyone had slept, I’d rather crawl into my own bedroom. There were bruises all over my body.

How could I tell my uncle that I had bruises all over my body? Although, he noticed that something was wrong but Fatimah would cover up and pretended nothing is going on.

Every new day brought new trouble for me. One fateful day, as she was flogging me with a strong food turner, she knocked out my tooth. She followed my hand as I mistakenly use it to guide my face then she hit my mouth and my tooth flew out with a trail of blood. I didn’t tell my uncle not until it got infected, my face was swollen and I had fever. Uncle Mojeed was surprised that he had to shout my name before I could answer him.
He started screaming as soon as he saw my face and the way I was shivering. He held my hand and pleaded that I should tell him what happened. On hearing this, Fatimah rushed out to interrupt. She tried to put words into my mouth but I kept mute, I didn’t talk to either of them as they watched me. I excused myself, entered my room and lied down, some minutes later my uncle came in, suspecting that something was wrong but no one tell him exactly what has happened.

We both went to the clinic but at this point in time, I had Opened my mouth to show him my front tooth that had been brutally removed by the sorceress. Fatimah who find every possible means to stop my uncle from taking me to clinic, had gathered a heap of her dirty clothes for me to wash.
My uncle refused to drive out, he insisted that I must tell him what had happened or I stood the risk of him not taking care of me. That’s a threat, could I risk it? The beating and maltreatment I received from Fatimah seemed better than being homeless. Where could I go? An orphan like me. Oh God, is this my fate?
I pulled some guts and told my uncle how I had been beaten with a food turner some days back by Fatimah, he almost went insane. As if that was not bad enough, I narrated how his wife had maltreated me all this while. My uncle did not believe me and almost slapped me for keeping quiet for so long.
Why didn’t you tell me Aminah, have I ever maltreated you? My uncle lamented, visibly angry. He could not believe that his wife had been pretending all the while concerning my well being.

At the clinic, the dentist confirmed that my gums were infected because I was not treated immediately. The removed tooth was replaced with artificial tooth.
Aminah shook the tooth, removed it and showed it to Abdullah… She carefully replaced it to its position and when she was sure it was firmly placed, she started her story again to Abdullah.

That very evening, Fatimah started raining curses on me for not washing her clothes which my mom was not exempted of the curses. When everything died down, she set dining table for dinner, my uncle and I refused to eat and sat her down, she was shocked and tried to cover herself up.

Hmm… Unfortunately, that day marked the beginning of my hell torment, Fatimah bowed that it was either I leave the house or she does, she made it known that She’ll do everything possible to drive me out.
She gradually began to poison my uncle’s mind towards me. Gradually, I was alone in my world, my uncle’s love for me began to drown. Who do o cry to? I sobbed bitterly.

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