My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 13
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
I groaned and tried to turned over since my arm was stiff. But I couldn’t because something was resting on my arm. Not wanting to open my eyes, I again tried to move but the thing resting on my arm moved away and snuggled closer to my body.
I rubbed my temples and adjusted my eyes to the room light. I looked around the room when I heard a sigh beside me and arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I looked towards the source of voice and a huge smile made its way on my face.
She was sleeping beside me. All snuggled up against me! Could this day get any better? I sighed in happiness. I turned over a bit so that now my chest was facing her face. She snuggled closer. I immediately wrapped my arm around her waist.
I love holding her in my arms. Hey there! Please stop the time! I traced her jawline with my fingers. She moved away a bit making me retreat my hand back, but her tiny hands wrapped themselves around my neck. I wanted to see her hair. But I guess she forgot to take off her hijab and her coat.
Her shoes were lying on the floor. She really must be tired. I was staring at her face, mesmerized by her features when suddenly she moved away to the other side of the bed. I frowned not liking her being away from me at all. I was about to move closer when she yawned. She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes.
She looked at the time and her eyes widened. Grabbing her clothes she ran quickly towards the washroom. She still didn’t acknowledge me. I mean, she must have noticed me last night that’s why she was sleeping with me. Yeah right! Pfft.
I laid there on the bed thinking, when she came out of the washroom she quickly grabbed her clutch, put on her sneakers and left. Wait what?
I stood there blinking at the door. She just left me hanging. Who does that to their husband. Apparently the wife, whose husband leaves her on their wedding night!
My brain remarked.
Mentally making a note to deal with her later I cleaned myself and left to meet my family. I went to my mother’s room. We talked alot.
“Beta, I must say you chose a perfect bride for yourself. I’m proud of you!”
She said while running her fingers through my hair since my head was resting on her lap. I smiled at her. Indeed she is perfect in everyway. My Shanzay. Only Mine!
“She takes care of me. She takes care of the house. She lights up the house. Your father enjoys her presence very much. He tells her stories while she massages his legs after work. She is very stubborn but cooks very well. Allhamdulilah! Allah gave us such a beautiful daughter.”
I had a huge grin on my face. My princess has already won my parents love. Now all I need to do now is gain her love.
It was night time around eight. And I was making myself a sandwich when the door opened. Shanzay came in holding her phone with the help of her shoulder and locked the door with her hands.
“Greg baby, I promise I’ll visit you tommorow. Yes yes fine! We’ll spend the whole day together. Bye, Love you.” She kissed the phone and then ended the call. I was fuming with anger. She dare love another man when she already married to
She smiled and looked up. Her beautiful black eyes connected with mine and it seemed like the world had stopped. We stood there staring at each other for Allah knows how long.
“Oh! You are back?” She asked as if not believing me I was standing infront of her. I have that effect on ladies! But her voice tone told me she wasn’t very happy to see me.
“Yes.” I nodded, gawking at her. She is beautiful.
“So soon? Don’t you think you are a bit early here?!” She said as she grabbed water from the refrigerator, avoiding eye contact with me. Her face was neutral. No emotion at all.
“Listen! I know-” I was cut off abruptly by her.
“Save the crap for someone who is interested!” Her eyes full of anger. She went stomping upstairs. I followed her, thinking of ways to win her back.
She opened the wardrobe when I grabbed her by her arm. She collided against my chest. My arms were wrapped around her waist tightly. Her hands were resting on my shoulder. She started struggling to get out my grip but failed miserably. I pushed her against the wall caging her so she couldn’t run.
I looked at her face. So pure, so innocent. Did I even deserve someone like her? I knew the answer but I was to selfish to let her go.
I leaned in. She stood there frozen at her spot. Her eyes never broke the contact. Eventually, our foreheads were touching. Her pink lips were so close that I was almost about to taste them when I refrained myself because that would make things worse.
Her breath hitched. Her lips parted. She looked so tempting right now that it was hard for me to control.
“Princess, listen to me please! I know I left you alone and I know it was wrong. I never ever wanted to leave you and I promise I will never ever dp that. But circumstances forced me to do this. I never intend on leaving you. Ever. Mark my words baby. I love you and you are mine. All mine! I’m deeply sorry for what I have done but please give me a chance. Please! A chance is all I need. Please princess!”
I stared deeply into her eyes searching for emotion but her eyes held none except tears which were threatening to come out. I wiped them away as she looked down. I unwrapped my arms from her waist and brought her hands to my chest. Holding them tightly I pleaded her. She looked at me for a second then snatched her hands out of my grasp and left towards the bathroom.
I felt upset and sadness. Sadness because maybe I wasn’t going to win her. Sadness because I failed her. I sat there on the bed as I realized one thing.
I messed up things bad, real bad!

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