ARROW OF FATE episode 09

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abdwasii (Literatus🌹)

Episode 09

Without much ado, my uncle’s love for me began to drain, hardly will I sleep a day without soaking my pillow with tears, I was in the midst of people yet so lonely. Fatimah would even invited his friends and they would abuse and cursed me together. I was held responsible for my uncle’s wife barrenness. How would I prevent him from having children? What is sorceress? These questions always bothered me.

This day, I came back from market, I met my uncle at the veranda, greeted him but didn’t respond, what have I done again? Later that day, it was said to me that Fatimah had visited a priest where she was told that I was responsible for her barrenness and the only thing they could do to solve it is sending me out of the house, she said I used the same power to kill my mother and paralyzed grandma, she said according to the priest. My uncle who was so desperate of having his own children couldn’t help it but believed her cooked tales of woe, he totally lost his sense of reasoning.
Where would he send me to? He knew k was the only family he had and couldn’t just abandon me.

As a means to force me out of the house brutally, Fatimah invited the fake priest to the house where he warned my uncle sternly how dangerous staying in the house them was.
Later, the priest started… Who is Fatimah? Who is Fatimah? She’s a witch.

She’s my niece, Uncle AbdulMojeed said”
Where does she stayed?
Here with us…
Then, it’s a must you send her away, she had done much harm to your household and before you know it, I feared you might be sacked also.

Can’t she be delivered and allowed to live with us? my uncle asked innocently.
Just like a gladiator ready to leap his opponent on stage, Fatimah jumped up where she sat down… Not on my life will Aminah live with us here, she must leave, she must pack her things and go.

The priest cuts in, silence both of you… She can only stay for the next two weeks and no further if you want to eleventh some dangers.

At night, I couldn’t sleep with different thoughts, could it be true that I was possessed, what has happened to me, perhaps I was truly a witch and needed to be delivered? Hencerforth, life became miserable.

Mrs. Zainab consoled me as much as she can and assure me things would be alright. Since then, I had a big hole in my heart which no none could heal. Two weeks was very fast and it lapsed already, my uncle who has been bewitched by Fatimah couldn’t take it any longer as he threw my things outside the house.

Where do I go to, where do I go from here? How am I sure that this witchcraft thing won’t manifest in another place? I had nowhere to go except Mrs. Zainab’s place, when she saw me that I had been thrown out, she collected my things and took me in. The night went by without eaten due to my devastation.
I lived with her happily but I always worried about the witchcraft, what if it manifested? Some weeks after I left Uncle AbdulMojeed house, my UTME result came out.

When we’re about to check the results, we asked a woman for the directions and she pointed but the woman won’t stop looking at me as if we had met before.
When we’re done, the woman approached us, “You’re such a pretty girl” she said smiling, are you married?

Is she out of her sense, why would she ask me such a question, a teenager likes I?
I am not yet married, I replied. I just came to check my UTME results, how can someone like me marry?
Don’t worry my dear, you will still go to school even if someone wants to marry you, she said. I have a younger brother and I’d like to introduce him to you. He’s named Abdulhakeem. He lives in Lalupon, Ibadan. He’s a graduate if university of Technology, Akure (FUTA), where did you stay? Let me have your address, I will like to visit your parents alongside my brother, I’d like him to settle down immediately, and I promise that you’d further your education. He’s a computer scientist, so he knows importance of education.
What nonsense? I thought to myself. Marry at this early age? I should let her say whatever she has for me, I thought.
When she’s done, she gave me her card and I dashed out.
What’s it you’ve been discussing since? My friend asked curiously.
Don’t mind the woman, wonder shall surely be.
She said she’d like me to marry her brother, she burst into laughter and couldn’t control it anymore. The woman must be crazy, she said. If you were her daughter, would she have advised you to get marry at this age? I thought she had been giving you some advices on how to stay in campus, lots of laugh.

On getting home, My friend showed her results to her parents and they were both happy to see how their child had passed then I remembered I had no family to cheer with me, no one was waiting to receive me with my results, I couldn’t help it as tears rolled down my cheeks.
Oh my Goodness, Mrs. Zainab shouted. Dear, I’m really sorry please, what did you score? She snatched my paper and began to cry too. What’s wrong wifey? Her husband asked. We forgot to asked about her score, Mrs Zainab said.
Oh, we’re deeply sorry dear, he said.

That night, I fell into deep thoughts, how could I go to school now, who will sponsor me, I showered twice and still could not sleep. I had no one to pay my fees. Finally, I was admitted into university of Ilorin to study Business Management, but where would my fees comes from?

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