My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 14
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
He was back. But why? I was hoping he’d stay a bit longer. To say I was shocked would be an understatement when I saw him making a sandwich for himself. He looked adorable while wearing an apron.
But am never going to admit it to him.
I was about to ask him about the divorce papers but I didnt instead when he tried to apologize I went upstairs. I don’t want to hear his crap.
I was deciding what to wear when he pulled me by the elbow, resulting in me collidingwith his chest.
I was so close to him. I’ve never been this close to any male except my brother and father. My heart started racing and my breath hitched as he caged me against the wall. He started leaning in closer. I was afraid to lose my first kiss. I want it to be special with someone whom I love, not someone who I am about to divorce.
I tried pushing him away but no luck. We were staring deeply into each other when he apologized again and told me that I was his. My heart skipped a beat. I was no one’s. I wanted to scream at him but instead I rushed towards the washroom. I was afraid of breaking infront of him.
I cried while bathing. For no reason at all. The tears kept falling. I wore my clothes and straightened my posture. I won’t break infront of him. I covered my hair with a peach coloured scarf.
I walked out towards the closet. All this time I felt his hot gaze burning holes through my body. It was getting hot in here. I wasn’t ready to talk to him. Nope not at all interested.
She walked out of the room as if nothing had happened. She looked beautiful. I frowned, why was she wearing her hijab? I’m her husband now.
“Why are you wearing a scarf?”
She turned around and looked at me for a moment before going back to whatever she was doing.
“Duh, to cover my hair.”
“But why? I mean I’m your mehram. Your husband. You don’t need to wear scarf around me.” I said as I walked closer towards her.
“I just don’t want you to see my hair!” She said curtly and then sat down on the bed turning on her laptop. I sat down on the bed beside her but she wiggled away from me. I moved closer and she moved away until she was sitting on the edge.
I smirked there was no way out for her. Snatching her laptop, I put it the side. I saw Shanzay getting up trying to run but I grabbed her pullef her towards me.
She fell on top of me. I immediately wrapped my arms around her waist pushing her close. Our lips were dangerously close, almost touching each other. I saw Shanzay looking at my lips. I guess she wants what I want
I started leaning in. She quickly snapped back to reality and started struggling. She hit my chest with her tiny fists. I chuckled at her attempt. A cat can do better than her. My kitten.
I flipped us over, grabbing her hands and pinned them at the top of her head. I brushed my nose against her. Her scarf had pulled up showing her neck but covering het hair. She was breathing heavily. I nuzzled her neck, running my nose across it. She shivered under my touch.
I smirked knowing that I had an effect on her. I placed a feathery kiss on her collar bone. She gasped. I then started placing hot wet kisses on her neck. She arched her neck giving me more access.
I started placing kisses on her jawline. She moaned. Just as I was about to place another kiss she pushed me away. I saw her panting. She looked at me, I gave her a cheeky grin.
She looked ready to strangle me. Closing her eyes she took deep breaths trying to calm herself down.
Finally when she calmef down she fixed her hijab and then grabbed her pillow. She walked towards the couch with her blanket.
I frowned, why was she not sleeping on the bed?
“Why are you sleeping on the couch?”
“Be-cause you are skeeping on the bed.” She stated.
“So? Come here and sleep. Its your bed too.”
“No.” She said, leaving nothing for me to say. She closed the lights and pulled the blanket over her.
It was around midnight and I kept tossing around since I couldn’t sleep without her. She was sound asleep. An idea came into my mind. I know she is going to kill me for this in the morning but right now I’ll enjoy the moment.
I tiptoed towards where she was sleeping. I set her blanket aside and picked her up carefully. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her forehead before walking towards the other side of the bed.
I moved closer towards her and pulled her towards me so that now her back was facing my chest. Pulling the blanket over us, I settled my head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent letting sleep take over me.

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