ARROW OF FATE episode 10

Arrow of fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abdwasii (Literatus🌹)

Episode 10

When I got my admission letter, Mrs. Zainab congratulated and rejoice withe me.

Just some seconds after that, an uncomfortable silence took the crowd, she could not say anything, even though it was glaring that she had a lot to say to me. For once, she has never called me into her room for discussion, has something happened again, perhaps she has been also told that I’m possessed, maybe she’s finding means to send me out of her house too.

I still couldn’t figure out as my thoughts went wild. Alas, I prepared myself for the worst news but not to wander on that streets.
Then, she broke the silence and say, ‘my dear, I was so troubled about your admission and how you will make it, especially and most especially, your financial implications. You’re also a daughter to me, but I can’t just afford for both of you, I don’t have the capacity and capabilities.
Instantly, I understood she didn’t have means to support me through school and I couldn’t blame her.
Mummy, I drag the calling, I knew that already. I tried trying to be bold, please don’t bother yourself, I trust my God to help me. He has said that he’s so close to us more than our jugular veins.

My friend, Mrs Zainab’s daughter saw a deep pain in my eyes and felt helpless. She’s truly sorry but what could she do? I do the house chores and retired to my room.

I am the wrong child, I know, if not, why is my case so different form other children? I was so burdened with problems I had no business dealing with as a child.

My nights turns to vigil of thoughts. Who will sponsor me? Hmm, university…? As the thinking went deep, I remember Abdulhakeem, the sibling of the woman I met at JAMB office.
Abdulhakeem was the brother she wanted me to marry, I scrutinized my bag for the complimentary card, but I still didn’t take it out, I knew her office though. I would go there and narrate everything to her. I will never accept anything like marriage from her, I’ve made up my mind.

The next day, I got dressed and get set to her office.
As I get to her office, I asked of her whereabouts when I couldn’t find her, but a woman told me that she went to clinic.

I was depressed but had no choice that to try the following day.

When I got there the next day, as she saw me, she smiles and stood up from her chair to welcome me.
How are you?
I’m fine, thank you ma’am.

We talked at length, I sipped the drink I was offered, pondering on how to start my story. I don’t even know what to say. Should I remind her that she told me to come to her anytime I needed help? Should I tell her I’m ready to marry her brother? NO…

Later, she broke the silence herself and asked if I was admitted which I answers yes to, she was so happy and congratulated me.

Did you have any family you’re staying with there? She asked.
I was mute, I couldn’t provide answer to her question. When there’s no sponsor yet, she’s talking about resumption or where I’ll live. Then, I couldn’t control it further but began to cry and tearfully told her my story till how I got the admission.
She felt sorry for me bits still, I’m a fish and was already caught in her net anyway which I couldn’t figure out yet. She wiped my tears and said, “my dear, I’ll take care of your bills”.

I jumped up and shouted, my bills???
Yes, your bills, I have the feelings I should help you and I want to, she said.
I was really happy, and at that moment, I couldn’t think of anything else but still I can sense she wanted to help me so that I’d marry her brother. What will be will be, I thought. Let me get what I want first, I’ll pay any price that comes afterwards.
My brother, Abdulhakeem will be waiting for you in Ibadan, he would assist you to get whatever you need on campus.

I was so joyous and I couldn’t hide it at all.

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