My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 15
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
Since when did blankets get so warm? Right now you could say I’m in heaven. The bed is all warm. Its snowing outside and its hard to get a warm bed in winters. I snuggled closer to the source of heat.
I heard someone getting closer to me and the grip on waist tightened. Wait! Grip? My eyes flew open. I looked around to see I wasn’t on the couch anymore. I was on the bed, with Shahveer sleeping beside me. His face was buried in my neck.
My body stiffened as he moved closer. I felt his hot breath fanning my shoulder. Something was poking my thigh. I moved my hand down to see what it was when I realized what happened in movies. My hand stopped on mid-way.
No! Please don’t tell me thats…
Astagfirullah I need to get out. I tried wiggling but this bulky man wouldn’t budge and it wasn’t helping at all as the situation down was getting worse.
“Stop moving.” Shahveer said huskily. I melted at that moment. People say that a guy’s sleeping voice is the sexiest voice you will ever hear. I thought it was crap since Isa’s voice wasn’t sexy at all. But now I realize I am wrong. I need to get out of his grip.
“Uhh…I need to go to the bathroom.” His grip loosened and I rushed towards the bathroom. I steadied my breathing. After doing my buisness I got out to see Shahveer sleeping on the bed. His hair was messy which made him look hot. My eyes traveled down and settled on his lips which were pouting. Awww…he looks adorable! I wanna eat him.
Wait! How did I get on the bed? I was sleeping on the couch. Shahveeeeer! I fumed with anger but decided not to fight with him now. I took small and quiet steps towards the bed. My phone was resting beside Shahveer’s pillow. I put my one leg on the bed then the other and got closer to my mobile. I grabbed my phone just as I was about to get up Shahveer pulled me down.
He put his leg on the the top of mine and his arm around my waist, caging me leaving no way to get out. I dont want to experience the horrible situation in morning so I was quiet. He placed kisses on my jaw and neck.
I stifled a moan which was aching to come out. But I resisted and instead pushed him away. My sudden movement, left him shocked. I quickly got off the bed.
“Babe, get inside. Its Sunday.” He whined and pouted like a four year old. I do work on Sundays but today I took a off for Greg. Just thinking about him brought a smile on my face.
“What are you smiling about.” He asked suddenly.
“Nothing, just someone special.” I said while going towards the closet. I heard shuffling of feet. That means he has gotten up. I heard footsteps come closer but I ignored it. Arms wrapped themselves around my waist and Shahveer’s head rested on my shoulder. An uncomfortable position for me.
“Who is he? ” He demanded. I rolled my eyes.
“Just someone.” I said acting as if feeling unbothered by his body. He tightened his hold. “Stop it hurts!” I yelled. He let go immediately and I ran away to the washroom. I got ready.
I wore a new dress which I just bought recently. Today I’m gonna go out and spend my whole day with Greg. Coming out of the washroom, Shahveer was no where in sight. I took off my hijab and combed my hair. I dried my hair with the dryer and made a high ponytail. By the time I was ready, Shahveer had entered the room. He sat down on the bed and stared at me.
I glanced at him. He looked hot. With blue jeans and a button-down shirt with three buttons open from the top, giving me view of his sexy chest. I looked fown immediately as I saw him smirking at me. My cheeks reddened with embarrassment . Ughh…he caught me looking at him!
“Where are you going?” He asked me.
“Nowhere…” I trailed off not wanting him to know.
“Is it that guy GREG? That you were talking to last night because if it is, then you are not allowed to go anywhere!” He ordered. Ha! As if I’m gonna listen. I rolled my eyes at him.
“Fine if you are not gonna listen to me, I’m coming with you whether you like it or not. I won’t allow you to see a guy alone!”
I ignored him and was just about to leave when he grabbed my hand and threw me over his shoulder. All I know that…

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