Sulaiman Aishat Gbemisola


A mental state!!!
The power in you cannot be underestimated
Your potentiality amidst other existence cannot be thwart
Pleasure or pain it is
Fear or relieve be it
The best bereave of agony
The largest countenance prove
The invisible institution of abstract many faculties
With only two dimension of certification
Enveloping its positivity or negativity
Practically manifested on its habitants
Accompanied by physical manifestation
In affiliation with behavioral manifestation
Unfortunately in dominance in its adverse
Rather than in superiority in its propitiousness
Eventually triggering abnormalities and infirmity
No doubt that it is substantiated in man
Weather of the immaculate or the tarnished
As never the same fingers were created
Apparently never equally it is managed
Categorically could be mild, moderate or severe
Painfully on the increase negatively
Originally traced to multiple causal factors
Especially its vulnerability on the growing infants
Distorting the normal functionality
Altering the potentiality of the generation
Watching a child’s growth in it is excruciating
And its unanticipated breeding in an adult is alarming
Diminishing the possible interaction between the nature and nurture
Cutting through continents without do haste
Heedlessnessly at the swaying corridor of addiction
Notwithstanding its , surge through the night
Its torture has to stop at the glaring beam
Scintillating sparks cutting through the snow
Casting out the harmony built against infirmity
However demanding resuscitation
The requirements as arduous as imagined
Laboriously appearing and elusory
As Rome wasn’t built in a day
After every difficulty comes ease
Mindfully corrective measures has to be revived
For the betterment of the body mind and soul

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