Sulaimon Iyabo Amdalat

Today is a new day
New day has come
Today is younger than yesterday
Yesterday was older than today
Tomorrow might not be like today
Live like you won’t witness tomorrow
Someone was in the position yesterday
You are claiming it today
They are the people of yesterday
Today will always be today
While there will always be tomorrow
If your yesterday was not favourable
Thank God for there is still life
Even if you are not sure of what today would bring
Don’t lose hope for tomorrow.

Today is a ladder for tomorrow
While yesterday was today’s foundation
Today depends on how tomorrow will be
The mistake of yesterday
Can be corrected today
Yesterday might dare
Today may care
Thank God for today
Pray for tomorrow
There is thousand of days in today
Billions of tomorrow has become today
Today cannot exist without yesterday.

Yesterday’s visage vanished
Today’s royal race
Tomorrow learn lesson today
Yesterday for the past
Today for the present
Tomorrow for future
If today refuse to wait for tomorrow
What will happen to tomorrow?
No one can predict tomorrow
Except Almighty God!

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