Time is life

by Sulaimon Aishah

The hands of the click of clock couldn’t be rewound
Every now and then it ticks
Leaving man desperate, searching in thick
Forgetting everything happens between wakefulness and sleep.
And his moment on earth isn’t too deep.
Tick says the sound of the clock,
Its distress is huge and its crisis are many.
Arise! O son of Adam
The time is now
There’s no other chance of then
My living and my death!
At whose service do I strive?
Oh ummah! Join the moving train of manifestation.
Keep the imagination of the horrifying situations.
Yes! The grave is calling,
Only in a matter of time.

Time is life
Demanding for retrace of our race today in different kind,
For it is swiftly running against man.
How unveiling the grey hair,wrinkled face reveals man waning
Old age is an incurable disease
Persistence,consistency indeed is a certain cure,
Linked to the engagement of the heart and brain in devotion.
Preoccupations of the world,
Materialism, money is a forced demand.
Its relevance at later age is uncertain.
Oh Mankind! Reflect, reinforce and rewind,
Couple with conscientiousness, determination and control.
For instability illuminates all around.
Incisive comparison between this world and next is needed,
Exposing the meaning and journey of life,
With the key lesson that the candle of life burns out with time.

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