by Sulaimon Aishah Gbemisola

A propeller
A driver
An elicitor
An emollient
An exchange rater
Reward it is.

A prolific attribute to pain or gain
Where goes no pain comes no gain
A negative or positive reinforcer
The urge driller
An incentive for an action
Valued by the Almighty
Reward it is.

Even to the inanimate
As land gets rent for its compensation
Labour linked to wages
Capital colligate wages
Reward it is.

A price for gain
An antidote to pain
The honest comforter
A success reporter
The action thriller
Reward it is.

Mandatory it is to give
Momentarily increasing a behavior
A motivator that persist longer
A recommendation to all impacter
Especially on the growing infants
Reward it is.

A part of everyday life
A system to be approached
In solving behavioral problems
In shaping the mindset of the growing
Reward it is.

An inclusion of no bargain in parenting
Cordially to be put in place in all establishment
A factor to be considered in reinforcing
Reward it is.

The Intrinsic Interest stunt
Never to be perceived as a zeal extinguisher
Loved by all
Reward it is.

Reward is not a bribe
Pushing aside scare mongering claims is important
Reward is a motivation
Reward is a reinforcement
It calls for embrace
Together we can move it…

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